Mental health issues

Studies have shown that depression, anxiety, performance anxiety, and other kinds of psychological problems, can lead to several different types of sexual disorders. It was also clearly indicated that there is a strong link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and depression. Male sexual dysfunction can include problems ranging from lack of desire to premature ejaculation, and also from problems due to side effects of some medications.

Unfortunately, although men know that the sexual issues are common, many find it difficult to talk about it, and some may wait months before visiting the doctor. The doctor may in any case suggest seeing a urologist for a more detailed evaluation.

The mind-body-link

Experts agree that there is a mind-body link between the psychological causes of sexual dysfunction, and mental health. Any man who has an ongoing change in libido or erection, should bring it to the doctor’s attention as soon as possible. Ignoring something which does not get better, only leads to a build-up of anxiety and depression.

It was also agreed that underlying medical issues may be a factor in a sexual dysfunction such as ED, and might be a contributor to other sexual problems. Remember that with age, some changes in sexual function are normal. Your doctor can help you to establish if there are medical issues, and what is normal when it comes to growing older. Factors which can improve sexual performance.
Research has suggested that sexual function may be improved by first treating the anxiety and depression, which are often causes that lead to erectile dysfunction. ED is the most common dysfunction that causes the most distress for men. The resultant data clearly shows that when the mental issues are treated, sexual function like ED are most likely to improve quite quickly. There is an erroneous belief that all anti-depressant medications cause sexual problems. There is survey evidence to suggest that up to 60% of men taking the meds do not experience any sexual side effects. It is therefore not a good idea to give up your medication because of potential side effects. The doctor, can in any case, change your meds to something without those particular side effects, or change the dosage of the meds you are taking. It may help to improve your symptoms.

Treating the anxiety issues

Studies have indicated that unresolved trauma, performance anxiety, low self-esteem, and general anxiety, which all contribute to ED and other sexual hassles, can be helped with hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques. Hypnosis is non-invasive, and the patient is always in control, and receptive to positive suggestions from the therapist. You will learn how to live in the moment, and not focus on what might, or might not happen. A new mindset can be created, and when you are more in the present, you will be able to enjoy your sexual experience more fully.

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