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Safe and natural solutions to low libido, erectile dysfunction and other sexual health challenges that modern couples face on a daily basis

Welcome to Herbal Remedies International. We’re here to help you find a safe, natural solution to low libidos and the problems associated with it. There is no longer a reason for you and your partner to suffer in silence. All over the world, millions of men and women experience low points in their sex lives – we are here to remedy such situations. Issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sex drives have formed the basis of our research for many years. We have developed and tested (amongst some very satisfied clients) all of our products and assure you that every little pill we produce is effective.

Our products include:

  • Virekta Plus (Provides a long term solution for erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation. Treatment takes 90 days.)
  • Virekta F (especially for women with low libidos. Provides a long term solution. Treatment takes 90 days.)
  • Virekta Super Active (designed to overcome erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation within 30 minutes of taking one tablet)
  • Virekta (F) Super Active (a powerful female aphrodisiac which works within 60 minutes of taking one pill)
  • Virekta Enhance (one pill a day will solve all your sexual health problems and increase the size of your penis!

Boost your sexual confidence, improve your sex life and connect with your partner in a way that you’ve never connected before. The ingredients used in our pills are sourced from all over the world, comprising of all the natural nutrients you could ever need to overcome sexual health problems.

Your sex life will improve by leaps and bounds with our products. Increased sex drives, harder, longer-lasting erections and noticeably more stimulation and arousal will take your intimate moments to a much higher level. Put an end to embarrassing trips to the doctor, scary thoughts of surgery or chemical intervention, or the unpleasant side effects of medication such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis and try one of our herbal, 100% safe products.

All of our products are available from our website – today could be the first day of the rest of your mind-blowing sex life!

Introducing our wide range of natural herbal products

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Our Mission

to Herbal Remedies International, where we specialize in enhancing your sexual health naturally and safely. Guided by our passion for herbal solutions, our mission is to provide men and women worldwide with effective, natural alternatives to address low libido and related challenges.

Expertise in Natural Libido Enhancement:

Our journey is spearheaded by Colin Katz, a visionary in herbal medicine. With an adult life devoted to this field, Katz founded Nature’s Health Products, leading it to prominence in herbal remedies. His expertise continues to flourish at Herbal Remedies International, which he established 14 years ago after selling his first successful venture.

Our Vision

Our Distinguished Leader, Colin Katz: Under Katz's leadership, Herbal Remedies International has grown into a major online entity for herbal sexual health products.

His profound knowledge and commitment are reflected in our diverse and effective product range.

Katz's vision is propelling us towards a significant milestone: in 2024, our top products will be available in leading pharmacies across South Africa.
Innovative Virekta Product Range:

⦁ Virekta Plus & Virekta F: Long-term solutions for erectile dysfunction and low libido.
⦁ Virekta Super Active & Virekta (F) Super Active: Fast-acting formulas for immediate enhancement.
⦁ Virekta Enhance: Daily support for overall sexual health and vitality.

Quality and Natural Ingredients: Our commitment to quality and safety is unwavering. We source globally for the finest natural nutrients, ensuring every product is effective and free from harsh chemicals. Our alternatives to pharmaceuticals are designed to work in harmony with your body's natural rhythm.

Transformative Benefits and Trust: Experience transformative sexual health benefits with increased libido, stronger erections, and enhanced arousal. Our approach eliminates the need for uncomfortable doctor visits or chemical interventions, offering a discreet, respectful journey towards improved sexual health.

Our Promise: At Herbal Remedies International, we pride ourselves on strict quality controls and the effectiveness of our products. Our aim is to provide the very best in herbal remedies for sexual health, ensuring our customers receive safe, reliable, and natural solutions.
Join Us in a Natural Sexual Health Revolution: Embark on a journey with Herbal Remedies International. Visit our website to discover how our products can transform your sexual wellness journey, naturally and effectively.