Why some men wait too long to get a prostate problem diagnosed

Research has shown that approximately one in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some time in their lives. Many men will delay going to the doctor for prostate issues, mainly because of fear that there might be a cancer diagnosis, that could signal the end of life as they know it. This is in spite of the high statistics of the prevalence of prostate cancer, and the fact that early detection greatly increases the chances of successful treatment.

Here are some of the myths and facts about prostate cancer:

  • Myth. Prostate cancer is an old man’s disease.
  • Fact. It is true that the older you are, the higher your risk may be of contracting the disease. However, 30% of those diagnosed are of a young age.
  • Myth: If you do not have symptoms, you do not have prostate cancer.
  • Fact: Oncology experts report that prostate cancer very often does not present any symptoms in the early stages, while some men might experience symptoms, many men do not.
  • Myth: Prostate cancer is slow growing so you don’t have to worry too much about it.
  • Fact: Some cancers are very aggressive and some are not. Only on diagnosis will the doctor be able to tell you the status of the disease, if you are positive.
  • Myth: Vasectomies can cause prostate cancer.
  • Fact: After much intensive, careful research, a vasectomy has not been linked to increasing a man’s risk of getting the condition.
  • Myth: Treatment for prostate cancer always causes erectile dysfunction (ED) or urinary incontinence.
  • Fact: ED or urinary issues are only possibilities following surgery or radiation treatment, but studies show that most men do not experience those kinds of complications.
  • Myth: Sexual activity increases the risk of the cancer.
  • Fact: This is not true. The good news is that some studies have shown that frequent ejaculations lowers the risk of developing prostate cancer. Sex and ejaculation have not been linked to prostate cancer.
  • Myth: There is an erroneous belief that if you have prostate cancer, you can somehow pass it on to others.
  • Fact: Cancer is not an infectious disease, and no matter what type of cancer you may have, you cannot pass it on to any other person.

The key to surviving the dangers of prostate cancer, is early detection of the condition, before it has a chance to spread to other areas of the body.

Some symptoms to look out for

Experts agree that not all symptoms of prostate problems lead to, or mean that you have prostate cancer.

However, here are some common symptoms that may need investigating:

  • A need to urinate more often than usual.
  • Difficulty starting or stopping urination, and painful or burning urination.
  • Difficulty getting an erection, painful ejaculation.
  • Blood in the urine or semen.
  • Pain and stiffness in the lower back, or upper thighs.

Medical practitioners strongly suggest that if any of the symptoms are present for any length of time, a visit to the doctor for a routine examination, is very necessary – and could save your life.

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