Sex Drive

For years there has been a widespread belief that men just have higher sex drives than women. There is an idea that men get turned on for the slightest reason, and are ready to have sex anywhere, anytime.

Some research has suggested that higher testosterone levels mean that men think about sex more than women. However, while it seems that men have an "on-off switch" and women need to be “in the mood” there are more complexities. Sex drive can be affected by various medication, stress, anxiety, exhaustion and by the daily grind of life.

Many factors

In today’s society, children are raised in different ways. Some are encouraged to speak about their sexuality, while others told that is not advised. These childhood lessons are often carried into adulthood by men and women. This may end up with physical and contrasting emotions, causing confusion about whether you should be having sex. Sexual attitudes are influenced by society and very often by religious beliefs.

Relationship issues may also give the impression that one partner has a higher sex drive than the other. Intensive surveys of men and women interviewed showed that interest in sex ranged from low or minor to high or very high. Libido was also affected by medications such as those for high blood pressure, which affects both partners.

Men don’t always want sex

In spite of men, who may obviously fall into the pattern of always wanting sex, surveys have shown that a number of men, actually 1 in 6, regularly have lower levels of sex drive, but not quite low enough for the person to see it as a problem. A review of the survey noted that it equated to approximately 16% indicating that they had low libido issues which were problematic. It was also agreed that most men are not predators walking around wanting to have sex at the blink of an eye.

Desire differences

During separate interviews with couples, researchers concluded that it was difficult to gauge who wanted sex the most. There was also consensus that interviewing couples together would not give a true reflection.

The conclusion

Data from multiple studies have shown that men’s and women’s sexual desire are, on average, more similar than different. It was noted that are always exceptions to the rule.

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