Sex is a matter of mind

We often think of sex as something our bodies are doing, but a lot of our sex life takes place in the brain. Thoughts and feelings play a vital role in getting you turned on – and keeping you that way when it is necessary.

For many adults, sex forms an important and often cherished, part of life. Whether the sexuality is shared with one partner, or with several partners, your sex life can be a source of meaning and pleasure in life. However, not everyone will experience the same feelings of intimacy and pleasure during a sexual encounter.

According to international research, about 20% of all people will struggle with mental illness at some time during life. Studies have also shown that many people struggle far more than is necessary, mainly because they do not have the information and support, they need to cope with situations that may arise around sex and mental health issues.

Some types of mental health problems which may affect your sex life

Sexual health is a very sensitive issue, and things can go out of sync for any seemingly insignificant reason, especially if the mind is affected. Here are some common factors which can add to the struggles of coping with a mental illness:

  • Anxiety and depression can strongly affect arousal and often just ruin the mood to be intimate. It also makes it difficult to relax enough to actually enjoy the sexual encounter.
  • Mental issues can damage self-esteem, and cause a person to feel unattractive and not worthy of sexual attention. In such cases, it is important to ignore TV programs where everyone is portrayed as beautiful, or muscled and sexy.
  • Watching the programs where beauty is the norm, often leads to the practice of comparing yourself, and most times falling short of what you consider your appearance should be for sexual acceptance.
  • Substance use often puts limitations on one’s sexual interest. Many of the effects are able to alter your brain in ways that make you feel less pleasure from sex, for long periods after using.
  • Some medications, including several types of antidepressants, are known to have side effects that may affect sexual intimacy. They can affect arousal, cause erection problems, as well as impact a person’s sexual confidence.

Speak to the doctor if you are concerned about any sexual issues you may have relating to anxiety, depression, and other mental aberrations. You have a right to know.

Not like the movies!

Sex is not like it is depicted in the movies, where after one kiss, couples collapse into a frenzy of tearing each other’s clothes off. Sex is much more complicated than that.

For people whose partners are struggling with mental problems which are affecting desire levels, frustrations and fears can build up, and impact the intimacy of a close relationship. Should your partner be the one with mental health issues, be sensitive to your partner’s anxieties about mental health. Up your communication levels with each other, and give all the support you can to keep your relationship in good stead.

Great sex is often based on great connection, and good communication with each other will help to cope with and manage, any mental issues which may arise.

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    June 08, 2022

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