STUD 100 Delay Spray

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STUD 100 DELAY SPRAY is a very effective remedy for premature ejaculation!

Stud 100 Delay Spray helps to prolong your enjoyment with a simple-to-use delay spray. The ejaculation delay spray minimises the sensitivity of the penis which allows for much longer and steadier enjoyment.

If bedroom bliss is becoming a bedroom nightmare because of premature ejaculation then there is a solution that is both effective, simple to use and easily available. The Stud 100 Delay Spray is designed to maximise your pleasure while minimising your penis sensitivity so that you can have maximum enjoyment whenever you and your partner want.

Stud 100 helps to prolong your enjoyment with a simple-to-use delay spray. The ejaculation delay spray minimises the sensitivity of the penis which allows for much longer and steadier enjoyment.

The spray allows men to control the length of the lovemaking session by controlling their ejaculation and boosting their sexual stamina.

Find confidence once again in the lovemaking department with a simple and quick-acting solution. The desensitisation allows you to prolong the experience and will help reduce the stress of ending too soon.

Benefits Of Stud 100 Delay Spray

  • Non-toxic
  • Odourless
  • The spray is environmentally friendly
  • Can be used with condoms
  • Fast, safe and effective

Extend Your Pleasure with STUD 100 Delay Spray: The Secret to Lasting Longer

Product Overview: STUD 100 Delay Spray is a leading delay spray for men, designed to help prolong sexual performance and delay ejaculation. This fast-acting formula provides a safe and effective solution for those looking to enhance their endurance and enjoy prolonged intimate sessions. The 12g canister offers a discreet and convenient way to ensure you can focus on the moment without the worry of premature climax.

Why Choose STUD 100 Delay Spray?

  • Effective Delay: Clinically proven to help manage premature ejaculation and extend sexual encounters.
  • Fast-Acting: Quick to apply and works within minutes, so there's no delay in your pleasure.
  • Easy to Use: The metered pump spray offers precision dosing with each application.
  • Safe with Condoms: Suitable for use with latex condoms, allowing for safe and worry-free intimacy.

Product Details:

  • Contents: Each canister contains 12g of the delay spray, with approximately 120 sprays in total.
  • Active Ingredient: Lidocaine 9.6% (w/w), a local anesthetic for topical use.
  • Application: The spray is applied directly to the penis for targeted desensitization.

How It Works: STUD 100 contains Lidocaine, which temporarily reduces the sensitivity of the penis to delay ejaculation. The spray is absorbed quickly into the skin, allowing for reduced sensation without significant numbness, maintaining pleasure for both partners.


  • Improved Control: Gain better control over the timing of your ejaculation.
  • Increased Confidence: Worry less about finishing too soon and focus on enjoying the moment.
  • Partner Satisfaction: Longer-lasting sex can lead to more satisfaction for both you and your partner.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Apply 3 to 8 sprays to the head and shaft of the penis before intercourse, or use as directed by a doctor.
  2. Wait for about 10 minutes to allow the spray to take full effect.
  3. Enjoy extended performance with enhanced control.

Safety and Precautions:

  • Consultation Recommended: Speak with a healthcare provider before using if you have had liver or kidney problems, or are on prescription medication for other conditions.
  • Side Effects: Some men may experience temporary sensitivity loss or a mild tingling sensation.
  • Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight and do not exceed temperatures above 50°C (120°F).

Customer Support: We understand the importance of customer care and are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. If you have any questions about STUD 100 Delay Spray, our team is here to help.

Place Your Order Today: Ready to take control of your sexual stamina? Add STUD 100 Delay Spray to your cart for a simple and effective way to maintain endurance and satisfaction. Your privacy is guaranteed with our discreet packaging and billing, and we ensure fast shipping so you can start enjoying the benefits as soon as possible. Trust STUD 100 to support your performance and boost your confidence in the bedroom.


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Good Product, eacy to use

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