Screams of ecstasy in the bedroom

Studies have revealed that up to 60% of women have faked an orgasm during sex. This is nothing new. However, it is much more common among women than men – and certainly much easier to pass off the pretence as genuine. Not all women agree with the practice, but those who do, believe they have good reasons for doing so.

Research has shown that among the women involved in the survey, faking it seems to have a solid base in psychological reasons. Obviously, the reasons differ from person to person, and most of the women admitted that they did not report any faking episodes to their partners. Faking it, revealed or unrevealed, can lead to tensions in a relationship, and the practice may be a silent reality in bedrooms across the world. Some causes which may encourage women to fake orgasms. According to studies, the majority of reasons why women fake orgasms may be psychological, but in some instances, there might also be physical or medical reasons.

Here are some factors why some women are prone to faking it:

  • Some have reported faking because of their own fear of intimacy, and insecurity about their own sexual functioning.
  • If they are embarrassed about their own sexual experience, faking it may be an easy way out to save face.
  • Faking it may also be out of concern for a partner who has a strong male ego, which constantly needs reassurance for him to not feel inadequate.
  • There are times, when the male has climaxed, that a woman may fake an orgasm, just to get things over with, and wanting to end the encounter because she may not have felt like sex anyway.
  • Physical hassles like low libido issues because of a hormone imbalance, may result in a woman faking it, rather than discussing it with her partner, or doctor.
  • Painful intercourse can also be a strong reason for faking it. However, this is a condition which may need a doctor’s attention.

Communication with one’s partner may bring you closer together, especially if you have difficulty talking about pleasure from sex. Almost everyone struggles at some point with understanding the needs of a partner in the bedroom. The key is good communication between both of the partners

Not due to lack of commitment

Faking an orgasm does not mean there is a lack of commitment between partners. Sometimes it can even mean a greater commitment, especially if a partner wants avoid hurting the other. Many people battle at some point to understand the needs of a partner in the bedroom. However, faking it can sometimes develop into a habit that is difficult to break. Bringing issues out into the open may help to restore the pleasure of sexual encounters.

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