Not tonight dear – I have a headache

This time-worn excuse not to have sex is mostly voiced by women. However ladies who may have guilt feelings about avoiding sex, you need to know that you are not the only ones who are sometimes not in the mood for a love-up!

Movies and TV programs have conditioned the world to believe that men are constantly in the mood for sex, while the wives and partners are shown rolling their eyes in dismay.

Of course, this is not really correct, in spite of a culture which screeches out that the men are the ones who always want sex.

Studies have shown that although each couple is unique, there are many men who are just sometimes not as interested in a sexual encounter as often as a wife or partner may be.

Speak to your husband or partner

Many women who have a stronger sex drive than their husbands, feel a real sense of guilt and rejection when turned down, and have never actually brought up the subject with their spouse. The key to a successful sex life is communication on both sides, so if you have a problem with your man’s sexuality, tactfully broach the subject.

Bear in mind that if your partner can sense your disappointment or a feeling of rejection, this may link to feelings of inadequacy about his manhood, and erode his self-confidence.

Remember also that both partners are entitled to say “no” if they want to, as long as it is done in a way that is not hurtful.

Some excuses a male partner might make to avoid a sexual encounter…

Because a man may be pressurised by the idea that men are stereotyped as wanting to have sex all the time, many men feel that they need an excuse, if they do not want to have sex at a particular moment.

Here are some of the excuses men might use:

  • I am tired because I didn’t sleep well last night, and have had a very rough, tiring day.
  • I have a terrible migraine.
  • I am under a lot of stress and won’t be able to give you the attention you deserve if we make love now.
  • I have to get up extra early in the morning to be at work well in time for an important meeting.
  • I overdid it at the gym and now my entire body is in pain.
  • I feel as if I might be getting a cold and don’t want to pass it on to you.

These excuses may be familiar to some women as well, who want to avoid sex, but it appears that more and more men are making excuses when they do not want to make love.

Research has shown that many women are beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with them, or if they are no longer attractive to their partners.

How it can affect your relationship

People in a relationship naturally expect a partner to provide sexual pleasure. When this is denied, and feeble excuses are made, not everyone is understanding, and lots of folk take it personally, and are often emotionally hurt.

There could always possibly be a medical reason if sex is constantly denied by one partner, and the only way to sort this out is to have a frank and open discussion. Without communication and openness, a good relationship could quite easily go down the tubes, and may result in a breakup, divorce, or even infidelity.

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