Not only for enjoyment!

When most people think about sex, they usually associate it with pleasure and enjoyment.

Research has now indicated that sex has several health benefits for both men and women.

Note however, that this applies to the actual sex act with a partner, and not masturbation!

Some of the ways sex can benefit your health

Here are a few of the health advantages

  • Sex may not be as active as a full workout at the gym, but it is as good as a moderate means of exercise. It definitely raises the heart rate to at least the equivalent of a brisk walk, or a bike ride.
  • Sex lowers stress levels. Those who have sex fairly often are less anxious when handling complicated deadlines.
  • Younger, healthy women who have sex twice a week, are less likely to develop heart disease.
  • Researchers are not sure whether these women may live longer, but studies have suggested that this helps to protect the heart.
  • Researchers believe that hormones released during sex are linked to the production of new brain cells. This is particularly true of men over 50 who have more sex than others of the same age.
  • Tests showed that there was a far better ability to recall numbers and do basic math than those without sex.
  • During sex, the feel-good hormone oxytocin, is released, which promotes affection, love, and intimacy. This helps to bond and develop closeness with your partner, and build a strong, stable relationship.
  • Those in committed relationships who enjoy good sex, may not be as anxious or depressed as those with less sex.
  • Having sex more frequently, may help to hit the right day when you are most fertile, and make it easier to conceive.
  • Men who have an active sex life, are less likely to develop prostate problems, leading to cancer. While women are less likely to get breast cancer.
  • Students in the US, showed people who had sex twice per week, had more antibodies in their saliva than those without.

Get all the benefits

You do not have to overdo it to get all the health benefits of sexual encounters. Whatever frequency of having sex makes you and your partner happy, will be okay. Pushing things may result in the loss of the spontaneous factor in committed relationships.

Remember that most studies of the health benefits have been conducted using people in stable partnerships. There is no research available for all sorts of casual liaisons, no matter how often they may take place.

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