What is sex-related amnesia?

Sex can be either a forgettable experience, or an unforgettable mind-blowing occasion which can trigger amnesia. It is the mind-blowing part of the most incredible sexual encounter of your life, which may trigger amnesia.

This type of amnesia, known as Transient Global Amnesia, or TGA, is set off by a stressful or emotional event which includes, hard physical exertion, being suddenly immersed in very hot or cold water, extreme emotional upset, and a more powerful than usual sexual orgasm.

With sex in particular, studies have shown that TGA is triggered after climax – which wipes the mind clean so that, almost immediately you have no memory of the experience, or the time leading up to the encounter.

You are suddenly unable to remember where you are, what day of the week it is, or even which month it is. Fortunately you will remember your name and that of your partner, unless it is someone you have only just met.

There will also be no memory of a mind-blowing climax, nor the actual sexual encounter.

Is this a dangerous condition?

A transient global amnesia episode presents absolutely no side effects, and the memory problems usually correct themselves after a few hours. It is a fairly rare condition, and seems to occur, for some reason, just once in a lifetime.

Although not much is generally known about the causes, there is one thing the experts agree on – it is not related to a stroke or any other event that can cause damage to the brain.

However, the shock of suddenly losing your memory does cause much concern, and can be very upsetting. The symptoms are almost like a pre-stroke condition, or another serious brain condition. They also are similar to symptoms experienced in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you are struck down by sudden memory loss after a post-coital sexual encounter, the most important thing is visit the doctor for a diagnosis, in case there is an underlying health reason.

A TGA episode can do no harm to your general health, nor to your sexual health, or negatively affect your memory functions. Because of the manner in which it manifests itself, it may lead to anxiety and symptoms similar to a panic attack such as chills, nausea, agitation, a fear that you may be dying, and a racing heartbeat.

Thankfully, these episodes last about 6 hours, before your memory gradually returns to normal, with no lasting ill-effects.

What causes the sex-related TGA?

Research has identified that the condition exists, but very little is known about the causes of the post-orgasm memory loss.

Studies have come up with an explanation, that the problem may not be in the brain itself, but more in the neck, specifically in the vein (jugular) carrying used blood back to the heart and lungs for re-oxygenation.

When there is over-activity and some hectic sex between the sheets, the tiny valves in the vein do not close properly and allow pressure from the abdomen area to push blood back into the brain, pooling in the area which controls memory.

This can wipe your memory clean and result in transient global amnesia for at least 6 distressing hours, without any permanent harm being done to your immediate memory-recall function.

Apparently this condition is more prone in folk over the age of 50, and the good news is that researchers are also unsure why it only seems to happen just once.

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March 05, 2018
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