When the romantic spark has gone

The beginning of a relationship, be it a partnership or a marriage, is always filled with excitement, happiness, blissful times together, and most of all – sparkling sexual encounters. Your thoughts were constantly tuned in to discover more ways to spend quality time together.

But that was before arguments, responsibilities, and kids joined the party. It was then that you realised that the honeymoon was finally over.

It is a process which over time, all long-term relationships eventually go through.

The good news is that if you really love and care for each other, the romantic spark that was once there can be re-ignited.

The closeness and connection you may sometimes see in some couples, has grown from years of taking care of a sense of intimacy that exists with each other.

Ways to bring back a crumbling relationship back from the brink of disaster.

There is no single miraculous way to save a broken relationship, because each couple has their own set of relationship problems specific to their situation.

But there are some tried and tested ways that have helped to heal many faltering relationships.

Here are some tips you can use to get the magic back:

  • Communication is the key to saving a relationship which has lost its closeness. Instead of watching TV every night until someone falls asleep, spend some time talking to each other, and recall what it was that brought you together in the first place. You can always alter a stagnant routine you have developed, which has hampered the intimacy you once shared.
  • Show your feelings by being frank and open with each other. Perhaps there is something specific which is bothering you that can be successfully sorted out, especially if you are both prepared to talk it out.
  • Just because the initial phase of the honeymoon may appear to be, it doesn’t mean that 2 people who still love each other have to part ways. Love is about consideration for a partner, doing the small things that matter in a big way, being affectionate, and finding time to connect in a meaningful way.
  • Nobody is perfect, and as individuals, this applies to both partners who will certainly have some imperfections. If it is something really major which makes you grind your teeth in frustration, be bold enough to discuss it in a loving way to see how the issues can be resolved.
  • If the sex drive, which once sparked brightly between the two of you, has dwindled to a single, dim candle-flame, it is not a good indication of your relationship status. As soon as sex becomes more routine than enjoyable, an important element of your relationship is lost.

However ever, as a loving couple, there are ways to rev up you sex life.

Ways to take your sex life out of the doldrums

Here are some tips to help put the magic back in your sex life:

  • Make an effort to stay sexy. If you just don’t care about your sex appeal, you run the risk of your partner looking for something attractive elsewhere.
  • Take a bit of time to get in the mood when you are going to make love. Boost you self-esteem by eating well and exercising regularly to look good for your lover.
  • Get creative and find new ways of pleasing each other, for example like trying new positions etc.
  • Put any shyness or inhibitions aside, and tell your partner what works best for you in your sexual encounters.
  • Always treat your partner with respect and affection, even when you do not have the bedroom in mind.

Sex will always become much more passionate and fulfilling when you add some love to the mix of your sexual encounters.

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March 15, 2018

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