Getting the right treatment

There are several helpful treatments available for those struggling with PE, many of which specifically deal with the psychological aspect of the problem. Studies have shown that many of these options have a good rate of success.

The psychological therapy treatment goal is to get the patient to stop stressing about the prospect of premature ejaculation, which only makes the problem worse by continually drawing attention to it. The focus will instead be directed to having sex in a calm way, which often begins the healing process of the PE issues.

Sex therapy and counselling is an essential, crucial part of treatment for emotional upheavals regarding premature ejaculation.

Counselling and therapy protocols

There is a school of thought that in addition for men only, psychological treatments also have relevance for couples, which point to an overall improvement in both sexual activity and relationship problems.

The psychotherapy approaches used where the PE problem is clearly psychological include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, where patients are counselled to change mindsets from negative to positive, which helps to restore confidence and self-esteem.
  • How to reduce performance anxiety by learning calming techniques, and how to deal with bad memories of previous PE failures.
  • Providing education about the whole issue of premature ejaculation such as how it happens, why it happens, what the prognosis is, and why it is necessary for a medical examination to establish whether or not there is an underlying health reason for the problem.
  • Learn how to improve communication between a patient and his partner. Just talking openly about the problem will be an enormous benefit for a healing process to kick into action.
  • Accepting that premature ejaculation is nothing to be ashamed of, is no reflection on manhood, and that reaching out for help was the best thing to do for a complete recovery.

Benefits of psychotherapy for both single men and men in relationships, or couples

  • Single men, who are not in relationships, but suffer from premature ejaculation, individual therapy may help to address a reluctance to enter into relationships. These are the guys who have low self-esteem, and are afraid of being acutely embarrassed should they fail to control PE during a romantic encounter.
  • For men in relationships, individual therapy may help if the dysfunction is related to childhood issues, possible abuse, or even an extreme case of shyness of women in general. If is behavioural, specific treatment techniques can be used by the therapist to deal with harmful memories, and reduce shyness in the presence of women.
  • Couples therapy can take the route of examining whether anything in the relationship could be contributing to sexual issues, with the focus PE in particular, and if there is, make a plan to deal with it accordingly.
  • Combined therapy for couples may help if both partners are motivated to get treatment where all the factors in PE can explored, and relative treatments discussed. Specific techniques regarding ejaculatory control and arousal, can come under discussion with the guidance of an experienced sex therapist.

Striking a balance

Thanks to extensive research, it is now agreed that PE, whether biological or psychological, is a treatable condition, with many therapeutic treatments available for those battling with the distressing affliction.

It is also noted that psychotherapy can be used alongside natural remedies, which give added support to the counselling process. This is especially true of natural herbal formulas, which are safe to use, contain no chemical compounds, have no side effects, and do not need a doctor’s prescription.

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March 20, 2017

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