Distressing emotional effects of PE

Premature ejaculation can erode self-confidence, make men afraid to start new relationships, or have unfounded concerns that a partner may seek a relationship with another man. Because men are often reluctant to talk about the problem, other people are not always aware of the depth of frustration and humiliation they may experience.

Partners may suffer in silence for fear of causing further upsets, or become frustrated at the perceived lack of action by her partner to address the problem.

Studies have shown that PE has been associated with a range of negative side effects which include anxiety, depression, and distress in men and their female partners.

Unless the psychological effects are identified and positively dealt with, there can be adverse quality of life trauma, and potential permanent sexual relationship damage.

Some common negative psychological consequences of PE

  • Performance anxiety has a major emotional impact. Anxiety about a previous episode of PE is experienced whenever a man commences, or sometimes even thinks about sexual activity, leads to a vicious circle of fear of a repeated failure to control ejaculation. The more anxious he is, the worse the PE becomes.
  • Because of embarrassment and frustration, many men with PE tend to withdraw emotionally from their partner.
  • Some men begin to feel ashamed because of the lack of control, and perceive it to be a negative reflection of their manhood.
  • Low self-esteem, and low confidence, also make inroads into the emotions, and a fear of humiliation may also rear its head. A man might then be prone to avoid any sexual encounters, even with his partner. For a single man, forming new partner relationships, may not even be considered.
  • Premature ejaculation problems also lead to depression, which is a major cause of anxiety – which is a major cause of PE!
  • Studies have shown that some men may withhold affection from their partner because they are worried that it may lead to sexual intercourse, and eventual disappointment if PE occurs. This avoidance behaviour can place stress on a relationship.

Modern day perceptions

In bygone days, it was almost a scandal to actually admit that you enjoyed sex. And a discussion about any sort of sexual dysfunction was never heard in genteel gatherings. However in modern days, sex is openly seen as a means for pleasure, and as the dominant partner, much more is expected from a man than a women.

In these so-called enlightened times, when people talk freely about orgasms, climaxes, and great sex, a man with a sexual dysfunction of any kind is unlikely to come forward and discuss the problem. Hiding it in the dark place of embarrassment seems a better option. But if he really gave it some thought, he might come to the conclusion that those who boast the loudest about their sexual prowess might indeed also have something to hide.

Dealing with psychological effects

Although many men are reluctant to visit the doctor for treatment, there is help available, with documented proof of success.

The bottom line is to break the ice and talk openly with your partner, and with her support, be encouraged to get medical advice about effective treatment to help in the battle with PE.

Premature ejaculation is very common, and a lack of attention to the problem, may lead to an endless circle of depression, anxiety, and disappointment. The problem will only be exacerbated, and in the process may push your relationship to the point of no return.

PE is a symptom, not a disease. Clinicians have suggested that the problem behind the symptom should be established, and then treated to eliminate the symptom.

Natural treatments

Premature ejaculation need not be a lifetime sentence – it is entirely treatable. Counselling and therapy can help deal with the psychological effects, and we can help support the healing process with natural herbal remedies, specially formulated to help fight premature ejaculation.

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Our natural herbal products have no side effects, are safe to use, and do not need a doctor’s prescription.

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March 14, 2017

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