What is low sexual desire?

This is a loss of libido and a lack of desire to engage in sexual relations, which is the most common form of sexual dysfunction among women. A recent study has shown that almost 30 percent of women aged between 18 and 60 suffer from a lack of interest in sex.

There is a popular belief that the frequency of sexual relations indicates the level of sexual desire or satisfaction. However according to extensive research, this belief is actually unfounded. You may have a perfectly normal sex drive, without always having the intention to act on it. This does not constitute a low libido problem.

Studies further confirmed that a woman’s loss of interest in sex, and a sometimes total lack of desire, is caused by a combination of mental and physical factors. These may have to be dealt with together, or separately, depending on the individual situation.

Common causes for a loss of sexual drive in women

Here are some issues that may contribute to a major drop in libido and sexual desire:

  • Bear in mind that the sexual drive declines naturally with age, but in a good loving relationship, there is still a willingness to be sexual, so age is not necessarily a factor.
  • Interpersonal relationship issues such as a lack of emotion in a relationship, abusive behaviour, and possible partner performance problems can lead to an aversion for sex.
  • The birth of a child can also decrease sexual desire.
  • Testosterone affects sexual drive in both men and women, which declines steadily from the mid-twenties until menopause after which there is a drastic drop in levels of testosterone.
  • Medical conditions such as endometriosis, fibroid growth in or around the cervix, and thyroid disorders can also result in a loss of libido.
  • Depression and anxiety also play a huge part in low libido problems.
  • Medications such as certain anti-depressants, blood pressure meds, and oral contraceptives, can lower sexual drive in many different ways.

For some women these causes and problems are fairly clear, including other reasons resulting from past sexual abuse, rape, or even past traumatic sexual encounters. But for other women, the problems may be less clear such as baggage from past emotional issues, or unhappiness in other areas of life.

Some treatment protocols for helping women with sexual dysfunction

Treatment for women is complex because practitioners are not dealing with just one issue, but rather a combination of physical and emotional factors.

Here are some treatment options to consider:

  • If sexual issues are driving a wedge between you and your partner, some form of sex therapy or relationship counselling, will be of benefit to both individuals and couples.
  • Should the problem be caused by medications like those for depression and anxiety, your doctor may recommend a change of prescription, or a change of dosage.
  • Some oral contraceptives are responsible for lowering testosterone levels which leads to low libido. Perhaps a different pill formulation, or a non-hormonal contraceptive method can be considered.
  • Visit a doctor to find out about any underlying conditions such as fibroids, which may require surgical removal. There could also be inflammatory issues which may require medication.
  • Vaginal dryness can be successfully treated with vaginal estrogen creams.

When evaluating treatments for sexual problems, if there is no identifiable medical cause, then most doctors will recommend counselling from a professional therapist.

There is just no magic potion that will instantly clear up a sexual problem which may be extremely complex to unravel.

Natural healing therapies

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March 27, 2017

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