What is sexual addiction?

Sexual addiction can be defined as a compulsive desire for sexual activity. It is a mental, pathological abnormality in which sex is sought in an unrestrained manner, despite the emotional, social, and professional harm caused to an addict’s daily life. They find themselves incapable of managing their own urgent impulses, and have no control over their sexual feelings.

However, after the rush of excitement and pleasure of the sexual indulgence, many addicts find themselves beset by feelings of emptiness, despair and failure. The pleasure issue then becomes combined with guilt and psychological pain.

The danger is that those unable to cope with their sexual urges often follow a road which may lead to self-destruction.

Symptoms of sexual addiction

Some of the dangers attached to sexual addiction:

  • Hours spent on the internet processing sexual encounter applications.
  • Unsolicited sexual harassment against known or anonymous people.
  • Continuous watching of pornography to obtain sexual satisfaction.
  • Excess amounts of money spent on prostitutes and other sexual services.
  • Reckless sex without caution or protection, often oblivious to the dangers of HIV and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Obsessive thoughts in relation to the pursuit of unusual sexual exploits.

These are some of the practices that can lead to the breakdown of relationships and the destruction of a sex addict’s family life.

Treatment for sex addiction

There are no set treatment protocols for sexual addiction. However, the condition is of interest to Public Health Associations who are concerned that frequent and reckless sex by sex addicts, can promote the spread of HIV and dangerous Sexually Transmitted Infections. Inpatient treatment centres catering for sex addicts offer recovery programs, which usually last about 30 days, to help addicts regain some control of their impulses, and begin a healing process – however fragile it might be!

Some people may temporarily benefit from a course of medication, such as certain antidepressants which treat anxiety and have a calming effect. This may lead to fewer urges to indulge in sex, but they’re not many reports that definitely testify to this. Studies have also shown that not many doctors are willing to prescribe these meds for a condition which may be psychologically related.

Sex addiction is not always easy to diagnose or identify as they are masters of deception, and very adept at keeping their activities secret, even from their spouses and families. But the potential of the activities becoming exposed is huge, and will inevitably lead to damaged health, ruined relationships, and even possible criminal charges for sexual harassment.

It is important to note that enjoying frequent sexual activity does not mean you are a sex addict. It is a normal human activity and meant to be enjoyed – not abused.

Hypnotherapy can help!

Mental health experts agree that the key to helping the sex addiction condition is by means of hypnosis – or hypnotherapy. Hypnosis has been used successfully to treat various addictive conditions including smoking, alcoholism, and obesity – among others. There have also been good results in the treatment of sex addiction.

Hypnosis can access the subconscious mind and get to the root of unresolved trauma, guilt and negative emotions which may have triggered the addiction. By means of cognitive behavioural therapy, (CBT) the harmful emotions and triggers can be eliminated, and a new mindset can be created.

The in-depth therapy will be a major factor in restoring your self-esteem as you gain control, and overcome unrestrained sexual urges.

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October 10, 2020

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