Stress, Sex and Satisfaction in Marriage

10th Apr 2019| by Colin Katz
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If there is no joy, should there be sex?

Married folk know that your spouse is a major influence in your life. Married couples can also have a serious influence on each other’s lives, so it cuts both ways.

Studies have shown that a happy marriage can add years to your life, and even lower the risk of all sorts of diseases, including cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Spouses who care about each other encourage a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, regular exercise, and offer support during times of stress.

However, on the other hand, an unhappy marriage can drag partners down into a mire of stress, uncertainty, and a low spirit often devoid of joy. Heated arguments, unresolved resentments, an unequal workload, and a basic lack of compatibility, can all take a toll on your feelings.

When life gets in the way it becomes difficult to concentrate on making time for intimacy, and sex becomes boring and something of a chore – adding to the stress.

Sex is not a responsibility

Some people in a marriage or a relationship believe that they are responsible to provide sex to their partners, whether they feel like it or not. This often leads to boring sex – when there is no fire. The good thing is that sex does not have to get boring in a long-term relationship. As times goes by, experts agree that your sex life should improve, as you and your partner should know each other better, especially if the communication between you is good.

Perhaps the most important aspect in any relationship is to develop a mindset that allows you to understand that sex is not a responsibility, but rather an experience to be enjoyed by a loving couple.

How to keep your marriage and sex life healthy and strong

If everyday things are getting in the way of your sex life, here are some tips to help you keep your marriage and sex life alive and well.

  • In a marital relationship communication between partners is a key factor. Be sure to frequently talk about superficial things just for fun, but always also talk about deeper feelings as this helps to build intimacy.
  • Share with each other your sexual desires, and what makes you feel good in the bedroom.
  • Be respectful and sensitive should you want to reveal that your expectations are not being met in the bedroom.
  • When life is hectic, take time to be affectionate outside the bedroom, and possibly make provision for a sexual encounter. Sex does not always have to be spontaneous to be enjoyed.
  • Both partners should try to be romantic in ways the other partner will appreciate. It is something which will generate love and boost feelings of closeness and intimacy. Women in particular need to feel connected and loved to foster a desire for sex.
  • Take care of your body so that you keep that feeling of attraction that had drawn you to each other in the first place.
  • Being grumpy and ignoring your spouse all day will not bode well for a positive lovemaking experience that evening.

Remember that sex is not going to be perfect each time – and never compare your sex life to the exaggerated passionate scenes you see on TV or in the movies!

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April 10, 2019

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