What is the best mattress for sex?

The worst mattress for lovemaking is the one which has seen better nights. The mattress that has sagged in the middle or collapsed on the sides, does not augur well for a good night’s sleep – and definitely not for a comfortable sexual encounter.

If your mattress is hollow in the middle, it will offer no support to a partner who may be at the bottom, as there will be no “bounce” to your sexual endeavours! Should your mattress be in this woeful condition the best plan will be to toss it out and invest in a new mattress.

Buying a new mattress is not as easy as it may sound. There are many types on the market, and various degrees of softness, firmness, and choices between solid foam, as well different types of coils and springs. A mattress should be versatile, catering for sleeping – and also for having comfortable sex with your partner.

Nowadays beds are scientifically designed and manufactured with extra support built-in, and also very strong edge support. Couples can select from a range of firmness options to help optimize every-night sleep, as well as optimize their experience for sexual activities.

What makes a good mattress for lovemaking?

There are many factors to consider if you are buying a new mattress. It will be pricy if you had to buy 2 mattresses, one for sleep and one for lovemaking, so let’s look at examples which will be good for sexual activities, and also offer you a good night’s sleep.

  • An inner-spring mattress is always a good choice as it has a certain amount of bounce, which will accommodate the movements and positional changes during sex.
  • Many innerspring mattresses have built in comfort tops which are made of latex or memory foam, which react quickly to rapid movements.
  • Another good choice would be a mattress with extra support across the middle, and strong edge-wire support along the edges of the mattress. This will help you not to land up on the floor during strong moments of passion when making love.
  • For the firm feel, a solid or layered foam mattress would also be a wise investment, especially if you have a lower back problem which needs support at certain times.
  • There is a lot of hype about memory foam which stays cool, adapts itself to the body shape, and never sags. This all sounds great, but a memory foam mattress usually has a soft feel, and folk have been known to report that it is difficult to move, and sometimes feels like making love in quicksand.
  • In a house where there may be other people, innersprings which are prone to squeak, could also put a damper on your passion, especially if your mattress is no longer n tip-top shape. A good quality foam mattress will ensure that no squeaking sounds accompany your passion.
  • All mattresses, whether foam or spring, have a definitive weight category. They are usually graded as up to 90kg, or 100kg etc per person. This means that they cater for the heaviest person on the bed, for example if one party weighs 100kg and the other 50kg, the weight grade will be up to 115 or 120kg per person. The mattress must support the heaviest person, otherwise there is a chance that you may roll together at inopportune moments, which makes everything uncomfortable.

Features like bounce and quick response to movement and positional changes when you are having sex are important, but so is comfort which will give you a decent night’s sleep. If you have a tight budget you can still get a good mattress. Visit a few bed stores to see what will suit you.

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    April 05, 2019
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