The birds and the bees

Sex education is no longer about the birds and the bees, and there is no longer any shame about sexual feelings. Whether you are dating, single, divorced, or have been part of a committed couple for many years, there are still things you can learn about sexuality and desire.

Unfortunately, some people bring old stories they have heard when much younger, into their relationships without knowing the true facts. Doctors often hear these sex myths from both men and women who have misconceptions about sexuality.

Sadly, they may be missing out on a rewarding, satisfying sex life.

Let go of the stories – learn the truth about having a successful sex life at any age or stage.

Here are some of the myths that may be affecting your sex life.

  • Myth. Menopause puts paid to a woman’s sex drive.
    Truth. During menopause the sex drive boosting-hormones estrogen and testosterone do begin to decrease, but your libido will not vanish into thin air. In fact, some women have even reported an increase in sexual desire after treatment to balance the sex hormones.
  • Myth. Men are always ready for sex and if not, may have his eye on someone else.
    Truth. Ladies, if your partner is not up for sex as much as he was before, it does not mean that he feels any different about you. There are several things which can affect a man’s sex drive, ranging from emotional to physical reasons, such as stress, or a hormonal problem – all of which can be fixed.
  • Myth. Too much sex can give you a heart attack.
    Truth. Having sex on a regular basis is more connected to having a healthy heart, and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that men with a healthy heart who do not have diabetes or smoke, the chances of having a heart attack during sex is around one in a million. Furthermore, even if you do have mild heart problems, the physical exertion most people put into sex is more or less the equivalent of walking up 2 flights of stairs, certainly not enough to end your life.
  • Myth. Oysters and chocolates are aphrodisiacs.
    Truth. There are no studies which show that oysters have any sexually enhancing effects. Oysters contain a lot of zinc which is needed for healthy sperm, but it has not been found that oysters actually promote sexual desire. However, there are studies which have indicated that chocolate is linked to better blood flow, which may assist the penis with erections.
  • Myth. Men with big feet, big hands, and big ears, usually have a large penis.
    Truth. Absolutely not true. There is no good evidence to prove this story. There may be some genetic factors linking the size of hands and feet, but these factors could apply to small men as well. You cannot really tell just by looking at a man’s hands or feet how large his penis might be!
  • Myth. Condoms are for teenagers.
    Truth. The generation that grew up before the HIV and Aids epidemic, still associate condom use with preventing pregnancy. This is still true today, but the humble condom is depended on for much more than that in this modern world.
    Even if pregnancy is not a concern, unprotected sex is a very bad idea. HIV and aids has spread like wildfire throughout the world because of unprotected sex. Teenagers, adults and even older folk, who are sexually active with different partners, all need protection. Sexually transmitted disease (STD) such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, and genital herpes are very contagious, and extremely difficult to cure.
  • Myth. Sex burns a mega amount of calories.
    Truth. Experts have indicated that 30 minutes of sex burns about 80 to 100 calories. In theory, you need to burn about 1500 calories to lose 1 kilogram body weight, which is about 18 times of vigorous sex. The main problem is that not everyone spends 30 minutes having sex, so if you are hoping to lose weight during sexual encounters, you may have a long road ahead of you!

These, and many other stories – some even more outlandish, have mostly come down through the generations, while others have circulated via word of mouth, or on the internet. If you hear something which sounds somewhat odd, don’t just accept it. Test it – and make sure that what you are hearing is fact and not fiction!

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September 28, 2017

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