Can sex kill a marriage?

Yes – absolutely!

Many married couples struggle with sexual issues in the bedroom. Studies have shown that happy couples rank sex on the same basis as loyalty, commitment, and communication. Problems in the bedroom have dashed many relationships onto the rocks, some with very little chance of recovery.

A marital sex problem is a major warning sign that grave danger may lie ahead.

Some alarm bells for you to look out for

If you are battling with sexual issues in your marriage, here are some areas of concern for you to take note of:

  • Your marriage may have become sexless, or at a stage where sex very rarely occurs. In some cases this could be because the marriage has actually died, and the couple stay together for other reasons such as money or children. But it may also be as a result of an undiagnosed medical problem, or even be age related. A sexless marriage only becomes a problem if one partner is unhappy about the situation and longs for a sexual connection with a partner.
  • Many spouses are too busy or too tired for sex because of a busy family life, or a demanding job. If this becomes a way of life, couples may lose touch with each other, and closeness and intimacy is lost in the relationship.
  • Most couples have different levels of sex drive, and sometimes it is only one spouse who controls the frequency of sex. If you are the one with the higher sex drive, don’t criticise your partner, or threaten to get sex elsewhere when you are turned down. You will only complicate matters further, as it may lead to resentment, anger and dissatisfaction, which are all relationship killers.
  • Denial of sex is sometimes used as a weapon by partners to punish one another for some offence. On the other end of the scale, using sex as a treat for good behaviour is just as deceptive. This kind of behaviour does not augur well for any relationship.
  • The way a couple treat each other outside the bedroom, has a direct effect on their love life. A lack of respect, nastiness, nagging, perpetual criticism and complaining, will seriously erode sexual desire for each other. Studies have shown that good communication is the key between emotional and physical intimacy.
  • The electronic age and all the associated gadgets, have actually manifested into unwelcome, passion killers in the bedroom. Instead of couples enjoying their private downtime, they are surfing the net, scanning Facebook, what’s-app and e mails. This is not conducive to good sex. Phones and tablets should be charged in another room, and laptops switched off and stored in a safe place for the night.
  • The most obvious marriage destroyer is a cheating spouse, and it is also very painful when lies and a cheating partner is exposed. On the positive side, dealing with cheating can sometimes revive a relationship which has landed in the doldrums. It can be seen as an opportunity for both partners to work together to establish what may be lacking in the relationship, and encourage them to work towards a renewed, better union.

It makes the world go round

A healthy, rewarding sex life is everyone’s ultimate dream when you are in a marriage or a relationship. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong which may turn your dream into a nightmare.

Sex certainly makes the world go round, and the secret to keeping your dream alive if it starts to fade, it is to be proactive and do something about it before there is nothing left.

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