Libido is a term made famous by Sigmund Freud. He used the term libido to describe the natural energy of sexual desires and positive actions. Although linked to sexual energy, libido includes all forms of psychic energy. We will unpack the meaning of libido a bit more as well as its influence. In addition, we will explore the use of Natural Libido Boosters from Herbal Remedies.

What is Your Libido?

According to psychoanalytic theory, libido drives all behaviour. It is part of the id, the unconscious reservoir of primal energy. The id functions based on the pleasure principle, seeking immediate gratification of desires. However, the ego, representing the conscious mind, controls the libidinal energy. Asa result, find acceptable ways to express these desires. The superego, on the other hand, incorporates ideals and morals learned from society. Therefore, imposing standards that the ego must navigate.

Libido's Role in Psychosexual Development

Freud proposed that individuals pass through various psychosexual stages of development. Libido focused on specific areas during each stage. Navigating these stages leads to healthy adult development. However, fixation occurs when a person's libidinal energy remains stuck at a specific stage. Therefore, resulting in behavioural issues. For example, an oral fixation may lead to habits such as nail-biting, drinking, or smoking.

Factors Influencing Libido

A variety of factors can influence libido. Things like medical conditions, psychological aspects, sex hormones, and social issues. Medical conditions, fatigue, and medications can dramatically lower your libido. In addition, psychological factors like stress and how you feel about yourself can lower your libido. Then we also have the influence of hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, both play major roles in regulating your libido. Social factors like relationships and intimacy can therefore affect its intensity.

Natural Libido Boosters from Herbal Remedies

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The Libido represents the instinctual energy associated with sexual urges and human activity. While libido is often linked to sex, it includes a wider range of psychic energy. Understanding your libido and its influences can help you navigate your desires. In addition, we offer natural libido boosters as a solution for sexual concerns. Browse through our products now and find one that can bring pleasure back to your life.


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July 14, 2023

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