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Low libido can ruin a relationship

Feeling a sudden loss of sex drive and libido in women not uncommon. Many women experience a loss of libido – the condition need not necessarily be linked to menopause – and ladies of varying ages can suffer from it. Whether you’re a jaunty twenty-something or a happily married mom of two, if you’re stumped at the decline of your sexual urges then you’re probably wondering what has caused the dip in your libido. It can be a result of a host of different factors, but these are the main culprits:

What causes low sex drive in women

Because women are complex beings, whether in combination or singularly, some of these factors may be the cause of your problem(s):

  1. Stress. If you’re juggling a load of responsibilities and alternating between the roles of mother, career woman, lover and everything else, it can cause you to feel under severe pressure and in turn distract you from your love life. You’re so swamped attending to everything around you that you neglect your own urges, and that can diminish desire fast.
  2. Fatigue is another culprit. This can also be linked to the issue of stress, but if you’re feeling worn out and weathered, a lack of energy can cause a drop in your libido because your body is combating the fatigue by rationing your energy reserves.
  3. For new mothers, post-childbirth can be contributing to your lack of lust. You’ve just given birth to a baby so you’re exhausted and sleep-deprived. What’s more, if you underwent a natural birth, your pelvic muscles and nerves may have been damaged and your overall genital sensitivity could be lowered. Breastfeeding also causes an imbalance in hormones, specifically lowering levels of estradial and testosterone and raising levels of prolactin – this imbalance causes a suppression of sexual desire and the loss of lubrication downstairs.
  4. For older women, when menopause starts settling in your testosterone levels drops by up to half, and this can cause a dramatic dip in your sex drive.
  5. The consumption of prescription drugs, such as antidepressants, contraceptive pills and medication to lower your blood pressure, cause the notorious side effect of a lowered libido.
  6. If you’re experiencing couple problems, it can trigger the suppression of your sexual urges. Harbouring feelings like anger towards your partner or being locked in a power struggle over household duties for example, can cause you to be less willing to have sex and the emotional strain of the problems motivates a drop in libido.
  7. Personal problems can also affect your libido. If you suffer from shyness or a bad body image it can lead to a sex shutdown.

It’s important to bear in mind that many of the leading causes of a dive in sex drive are interdependent and impact one another. The good news though is that your libido can be reclaimed and there are several ways to reignite that spark – and that includes opting for a herbal aphrodisiac to boost your libido.

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February 11, 2014
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