Leading a healthy sex life is probably important to you, right? But for some reason, you seem to lack that dash of spice and passion needed for a wholly rewarding intimate experience. Sexual health tips and tricks have always been hot stuff – open any Cosmopolitan or Men’s Health magazine for an abundance of insights on new positions to try or foreplay tricks to sample. But if you’re suffering from a dip in your sex drive and passion, there isn’t much use in attempting those tricky sexual positions that promise satisfaction – first you’ll need to revive your libido.

You don’t necessarily need to make a beeline for chemical drugs to boost your passion, there are many alternative and natural solutions you could try.

5 natural remedies to revive your passion

When it comes to sex, we can all agree that men are like microwaves while women are more like slow cookers. The opposite sexes may be wired differently but a lacklustre libido can be approached similarly, so whether you’re a male or female looking for solutions, here’s what you can try:

  1. Get sleep, because without a good night’s rest your body suffers – since you’re not getting enough sleep your body is forced to ration its energy supplies and less energy causes a libido slump. If you’re suffering from mild insomnia, try melatonin supplements to regulate a healthy sleeping pattern. Alternatively, start a light exercise program in the evenings to relax your body and mind.
  2. Stress is often a leading libido killer and can significantly decrease your sex drive. To de-stress, you should focus on getting more sleep, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. B complex vitamins, ginseng and liquorice help to support the stress and adrenal glands.
  3. Fatigue and stress can cause a major dip in your libido and, from a biochemical perspective, these factors contribute to a drop in the hormones that drive sexual health, specifically DHEA and testosterone. Replenish these low levels with hormonal therapies that can be purchased from a pharmacy either with a prescription or over the counter.
  4. Herbal libido enhancers are also viable options. Try a natural aphrodisiac like ginseng root, a remedy known to increase stamina and improve endurance. Alternatively, you could try a herbal enhancer that combines a number of natural plants in a single supplement, such as the variety sold by http://www.herbalremedies.co.za/
  5. Drink green tea to calm the mind – but specifically the L-theanine green tea extract. This tea is known to stimulate a gentle, calming effect on the mind and, if you suffer from restlessness at night time, it will reduce the edginess and help your body remain attentive during lovemaking.
February 11, 2014
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