Can Testosterone Therapy keep you young and vital?

Let’s face it! The idea of getting old scares most people, especially when body functions begin to change. For men, the most frightening thing could be seeing changes in their sexual functionality. What has mostly been good, strong erections, may have gradually become weaker, and difficult to achieve. Testosterone (T) is a hormone produced in the testicles. A good level is necessary to help maintain certain health factors in a man.

These include:

  • Bone density and body fat distribution.
  • Muscle strength and muscle mass.
  • Facial and body hair.
  • Production of healthy red blood cells.
  • Sex drive, and sperm production.
  • Low levels of testosterone can lead to a malfunction of these factors, often most noticeable when there is a lack of libido. A blood test is usually used to determine the T levels.

What happens to T levels as you age?

Studies have shown that T levels usually peak during adolescence and early adulthood. As you age, the levels gradually decline by about 1 to 5% per year – if your general health is good. For older men, it is important to establish whether a low T level is due to normal aging, or if there is an underlying medical reason. These changes can be due to conditions such as anxiety, depression, or medicine side effects.

If a man’s T level is lower because of normal aging, he may opt for testosterone therapy in an effort to recapture past vitality and youthful energy. Research, however, has shown that there is no conclusive evidence that T therapy restores vitality and lost youth. But some normal healthy men have reported a marginal improvement in sexual function.

Potential risks of testosterone therapy

Testosterone is a chemically manufactured hormone which is readily absorbed by the body. The body cannot tell the difference between the false T and the natural T produced in the body. The chemically manufactured T also has potential risks if the body is flooded with testosterone.

Here are some of them:

  • Causes, or worsens, acne and other skin issues.
  • Stimulates non-cancerous growths of the prostate.
  • Research shows that cancer of the prostate feeds on testosterone. Existing cancer may grow more aggressively when there is more than normal T in the body.
  • Enlarged breasts can develop, and extra T may also cause testes to shrink, which affects sperm production.
  • Testosterone causes an increase of red blood cell production. This is known to raise the risk of a deep-vein blood clot forming.
  • A blood clot can break loose, and travel through the bloodstream. It can lodge in the lungs, or block the heart arteries, causing a fatal heart attack.

Experts agree that treating normal aging symptoms with T therapy is not advisable. Doing so might elevate your risk of suffering some of the side effects issues. Studies have concluded that T therapy won't turn you into Superman in the bedroom or anywhere else for that matter! This treatment may also not be suitable for everyone.

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