Not so easy!

Putting on weight often seems as easy as blinking your eyes, but losing the extra weight is not an easy thing to do. If you are indeed overweight or obese, you may have tried every diet you have ever heard of, with very little success. In many cases, especially if you have followed a regimented diet plan, any weight you may have lost, slowly creeps back as soon as you are off the plan. Of course, this is not applicable to every person, or every diet, but it could apply to you. Research has shown that quite often obesity can be a sign of psychological issues.

You may be hiding behind your weight to avoid sex

Studies have also indicated that some people are afraid of forming a relationship with someone that may eventually lead to sex. They believe that holding onto their fat, will make them unattractive to any potential suitors. Many overweight people are also inherently shy, and tend to cover their life’s dreams with too much food, and a happy-go-lucky attitude that everything is fine. However, if this is you, deep down you may have a suspicion that you are hiding something from yourself and from others. For example, nobody really knows how much you actually eat to stay overweight, and how you would dearly like to be in a good relationship with someone. You may want to embark on a journey to lose weight - and keep it off - but you will have to first deal with your negative emotions. You may have to acknowledge the fact that you might be hiding behind your weight, which is the true reason that you are unable to form meaningful relationships.

Some medical issues

Some medical issues relating to obesity which may help you make up your mind to drop the fat:

  • Obesity can to lead to a condition known as sex hormone-binding globulin – SHBG. This causes testosterone to fail, and libido to decrease. It can also narrow genital blood vessels, which makes it difficult for both men and women to climax.
  • Estrogen is stored in the fat cells of the body, and some overweight men have been known to develop larger than usual male breasts.
  • Obesity often results in fatigue, which affects both men and women. This may cause people to neglect exercise, because the weight just seems to make it too difficult to commit to regular exercise.
  • Fertility issues may also arise because SHBG negatively affects testosterone levels.

A positive reaction, like making the effort to downsize your body, will lower the risk of heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and a stroke, all of which could be fatal.

A longer, healthier life

Losing weight is a process, which needs to be taken 1 step at a time. Studies have shown in women, that losing weight although gradual, has been noted to improve some aspects of existing sexual dysfunction. While men have reported that weight loss has improved erections, libido, and sexuality in general. Nobody said that losing weight would be easy. But everyone agrees that it will be worth it in every way!

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July 03, 2023

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