Not all are happy with their sex lives

When the hormones kick in, it is sometimes confusing when young girls from about 13 years, begin to notice bodily changes such as developing breasts, and growth of body hair.

They may also be confused by unfamiliar, strange feelings which may pop up. Research conducted in various countries revealed that up to 50% of young women who were interviewed, reported anxiety relating to certain sexual issues. This includes feeling stressed, embarrassed, or unhappy about their sex lives, and related more to those over the age of 18.

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) which is a fairly common disorder, may also include some of the following issues: lack of sexual desire, an arousal disorder, and a fear of the actual sex act. orgasmic problems, and pain during sexual intercourse. However, results showed that because of the complexity of the dysfunctional issues, a low sexual self-image is the most common reason for FSD.

A low sexual self-image

Experts agree that if you have low self-esteem issues, these issues are liable to be carried over into feelings of a low sexual self-image, which may be manifested in certain sexual issues.

Here are some ways a low sexual self-image can affect your sex life: 

  • Feeling self-conscious or badly about one’s appearance can interfere with desire.
  • Negative self-talk because of low self-esteem may detract from desire and hinder you from focussing on pleasure and sensations during sex.
  • Women who opted to consult their doctors about the problems, often reported dissatisfaction and a lack of understanding from the treatment they received.
  •  Researchers have also advised that there is a definite link between a sexual relationship and the quality of your relationship in general, which could be misinterpreted as a female sexual disorder – FSD.

Disturbing sexual issues are very common in women of all ages, and as everyone has the right to a healthy sexual function, women should be able to get information and help from competent medical professionals.

Psychological issues which may lead to FSD

Although a low sexual self-image is chiefly to blame for FSD, there may be other personal problems which are psychological in nature.

Here are some examples:

  • A women who is brought up in a strict home where sex is seldom mentioned, may develop an idea that sex is morally wrong, and carry that feeling into relationships or even marriage.
  • A woman with that kind of mindset will feel even more guilty if she happens to enjoy the sexual encounter.
  • Childhood sexual trauma which has not been resolved.
  • Anxiety and stress because of the way you feel, can cause you to avoid sex whenever and wherever you can. 

Research has revealed that a poor sex life may lead to a lower quality of life for both partners. Mental issues can benefit from a trained counsellor, or even a hypnotherapist, who can help you create a new mindset, help with self-esteem, and change your attitude to sex in general. Although medications for anxiety and stress may help, some have side effects which are known to put the breaks on sexual desire. This can cause increased symptoms of FSD.

Note that oral contraceptives don’t affect FSD in any way.

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