Sexual intimacy can be a complex and sensitive topic for new parents. Childbirth results in many physical and also hormonal changes that can affect the libido. Yet, there are natural ways to boost your libido and revive your sex life. Let's explore how childbirth can impact your body in various ways. As well as hormonal changes and the use of herbal remedies as natural libido boosters.

Effects of Childbirth on Your Body:

Childbirth takes a toll on your body. Thus, resulting in various changes that can affect your sexual intimacy. These changes include:

  •   lingering pain from delivery,
  •   hormonal fluctuations,
  •   postpartum depression,
  •   and exhaustion from caring for a newborn.

Additionally, a new mother experiences near-constant physical contact with her baby. This can leave her feeling overwhelmed. Further impacting her lack of desire for sexual activity.

Hormonal Effects and Low Libido:

After childbirth, hormonal levels undergo significant fluctuations. Estrogen levels drop, leading to reduced elasticity of vaginal tissues and thus potential dryness. Breastfeeding can further suppress estrogen levels, often mimicking the symptoms of menopause. Low estrogen levels have a few but significant impacts on the body. The effects of low estrogen include night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, as well as painful intercourse. It is essential to understand that hormonal changes can also lower postpartum sex drive.

Natural Libido Boosters:

Virekta Maca:

Maca is a plant native to the mountainous regions of Peru. It is a natural hormone balancer and also an adaptogen. Easing menopause symptoms and improving sexual function in both genders. Maca treats depression, insomnia, irregular cycles, and fatigue caused by hormonal imbalances. It increases energy levels in men and also boosts sperm production. As well as enhancing intimate desire and virility. For women, Maca serves as a natural alternative to relieve menopausal symptoms. Without introducing more estrogen or hormones.

Virekta (F) Female Libido Enhancer:

This herbal remedy contains a blend of natural ingredients:

  •       Ashwagandha,
  •       Asparagus Racemosus,
  •       Dong Quai,
  •       Ginger,
  •       Ginko Biloba,
  •       Siberian Ginseng,
  •       Stinging nettle,
  •       Avena Sativa,
  •       and Schisandra Chinensis.

These ingredients work together to increase vaginal lubrication and promote total body relaxation. Also, by enhancing the frequency and quality of orgasms. Thus, boosting sexual satisfaction, and elevating sex drive. Regular use of Virekta (F) Female Libido Enhancer also helps balance hormones. Addressing symptoms of menopause, post-pregnancy, and menstruation. Such as hot flushes, vaginal dryness, and decreased libido.

Embracing Physical Intimacy and Adjusting:

Focus on Physical Intimacy:

Re-establish physical intimacy by engaging in activities that foster a loving connection. Start with simple acts like kissing and move on to gentle touching. Thus, allowing intimacy to evolve at a pace that feels comfortable for both partners.

Change Expectations and Duration:

Understand that postpartum sex doesn't have to be a lengthy affair. Communicate with your partner to find a balance between desire and energy levels. Stay present and focused during sexual activity for a deeper connection.

Take Your Time and Use Lubrication:

Wait until you feel physically and emotionally ready for sexual activity after childbirth. Proceed at a pace that you are comfortable with. In addition, make use of lubrication to ease vaginal dryness and enhance comfort.

Experiment and Adapt:

Be open to trying new things and exploring alternative times for intimacy. Find moments when you and your partner can connect. Try and enjoy each other without feeling overwhelmed by exhaustion.

Sex after having children may need time, patience, and understanding. The hormonal changes and physical impact of childbirth have an effect on your libido. Using natural libido boosters like those listed above can help restore sexual wellness. Remember to also communicate with your partner. Allow yourself to embrace intimacy at your pace and take time for self-care in parenthood.


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July 08, 2023

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