Sex is big business all round

Sex makes the world go round, and nothing quite compares to it in the general run of things. You may win a few thousands on the lotto, and the idea of all the shopping you can do might get you going a bit. However, according to research, it still doesn’t beat really good sexual encounters.

Sex plays a vital role in keeping your love life on the go, and is a crucial part of a happy, healthy marriage. As soon as sex is not part of the equation, problems begin to creep into relationships.

Unfortunately most couples do not know how solve the problem, especially if neither one knows the cause of declining sex.

Some reasons why one partner may not be able to perform in bed

Here are a list of some problems and possible solutions:

  • Problem: Physical or mental stress. When stressed or anxious, many folk are unable to focus on anything except what might be bothering them. Stress also drains adrenaline and cortisol from the body, which leads to a low sex drive, and sometimes to erectile dysfunction.
  • Solution: Partners should try and find activities which may relax each other before getting into bed. For example like running a hot bath for one another, or giving each other a muscle-relaxing massage, before heading to bed. It may result in a wonderful night of stress-free love making.

  • Problem: Poor lifestyle habits. Excessive alcohol use, heavy smoking, drug use, and an unhealthy diet, all impact negatively on sex drive. Alcohol causes fatigue in men and makes it difficult to maintain an erection during sex. Drugs and cigarettes also negatively affect testosterone levels, which will hamper erections.
  • Solution: Take hold of your bad habits and get rid of them if you want to have good sex. Using drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, and eating rubbish, can also lead to obesity – which a sure passion killer, and will lower any chances of good sex.

  • Problem: Low self-esteem. Sometimes one of the partners in a relationship may suffer from low self-esteem, perhaps due to body issues, or a lack of confidence in sexual performance.
  • Solution: If this is your partner, compliment him/her and show the love you feel, to engender self-belief that may have been lost along the way. This may help to build up and repair negative self-esteem issues.

  • Problem: Mental health. If you or your partner are suffering from depression or anxiety, the libido and desire will always be very low. Both of these disorders reduce the levels of the so-called feel good hormones, dopamine and serotonin, which compromises sex drive.
  • Solution: Depression and anxiety is a major issue which can affect much more than your sex life. If you or your partner has this problem, make a decision to get professional help before things go too far, so that you can get on with life and work on restoring your sex life.

A good sex life depends on a combined effort by both partners, which must include good communication with each other. It is important that each person in the partnership knows where the other may be lacking sexually, and what they do as a couple to keep the relationship in good standing.

Take charge of your sex life together. Good sex and a healthy sex life leads to a healthy marriage and relationship.

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