What is nitric oxide? (NO)

It is not only low testosterone that contributes to erectile and sexual dysfunction. Nitric oxide is a molecule that the body produces. Without it the millions of cells in the body will have great difficulty communicating with each other. And will be unable to send signals throughout the entire body.

Low levels of nitric oxide can have a negative impact on heart health and good blood flow. As well as sexual and erectile health. Without sufficient NO production, there is poor circulation to the genital area. This results in either no erection, or a weak erection, which may not last through the sexual encounter.

In the same way, without proper blood flow to the clitoris, women may not have enough sensitivity during sex, and have difficulty with orgasm.

How does nitric oxide work for sexuality?

Nitric oxide improves the blood flow to various parts of the body by dilating the veins. When you are sexually stimulated, NO is produced in the penis. It dilates the veins so that the increased blood flow is provided to enable a strong erection.

In the case of women who are sexually stimulated. The veins in the genital area are dilated to improve circulation for sexual sensitivity and response.

Good levels of both testosterone and NO are needed to work together to ensure that sexual performance and enjoyment is maintained. This is especially relevant for both men and women as they age.

Drugs such as Viagra, which are used for erectile dysfunction issues, make use of nitric oxide. They increase blood flow to boost erections in men, and heighten sexual sensitivity in women.

Research has shown that Viagra was originally produced to be a cardiovascular medication because of the NO component which dilated the veins and arteries relating to the heart. However, subsequent studies indicated that Viagra also improved blood flow very efficiently in other areas of the body – notably the genital areas.

Reasons why NO levels might be low

Here are some common factors which may indicate low nitric oxide levels:

  • If you are over the age of 40, you will be more susceptible to low NO.
  • A poor diet which does not include green vegetables and red beets.
  • Low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction, as well as low libido issues.
  • Poor circulation and fluid retention problems.
  • High blood pressure and the threat of possible heart disease.
  • Low immunity which results in frequent infections such as colds or flu symptoms, bronchitis, as well as viral bacterial attacks.
  • Lack of energy and fatigue.
  • If any of these factors apply to you, then the chances are strong that you seriously lack NO.

Restoring nitric oxide levels

Your sexual health depends on an adequate supply of NO. Both men and women can count on having far more energy. They can experience improved sleep patterns, a reduced risk of heart disease, and a greater enjoyment of sexual encounters.

Here are some ways you can employ to restore NO levels:

  • Take determined steps to eliminate inflammation-causing foods. Anything made from refined sugar and flour, as well as processed meats and unhealthy take-out foods.
  • Foods which MUST be included in your diet include beets, greens like spinach, cabbage, leeks, parsley, celery and turnips. These veggies, and several other leafy greens, are all nitrate rich. They should be permanently made part of your diet, to keep NO levels stable.
  • Keep an eye on your testosterone levels, as good levels will help support the body’s production of nitric oxide.
  • Exercise is the most effective way to increase nitric oxide. When you exercise, the muscles need more oxygen which is supplied by the blood, and as the heart pumps with increased pressure, the arteries dilate and release nitric oxide into the blood.
  • Sexual activity is also a form exercise, so it is obvious how nitric oxide widens the veins in the genital area when there is sexual stimulation, to receive more blood and boost erections and sensitivity.

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