Does sex get better as you age?

Some facts and fiction about sex as you age

People under the age of 40 cannot actually give you a true answer as they are too young to notice any real difference. However, research has shown that most folk over the age of 45 definitely think it does get better, while about 25% of men and 15% of women reported that they were actually dissatisfied. A mix of men and women reported that they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and others were extremely satisfied with their sex lives as they went over the 45 or 50 mark.

Like many other subjects doing the rounds, there are many facts and much fiction about sex as you get older.

Here are some of the myths and the truths

  • As you get older it is normal to want less sex.
    Although women are about twice as likely as men to see their sex drive decrease, it is actually true for both men and women. Sometimes hormonal imbalances are to blame, but medical problems, and relationship issues can also play a role. However, it is not normal for healthy older folk to have absolutely no interest in sex.
  • As you age it takes longer to get aroused.
    This is true, and it is normal for your sexual response times to be a bit slower. However if it becomes chronic, there could be a problem which can be helped with the right treatment.
  • Most men will have an issue of erectile dysfunction (ED) at some point in their lives.
    Studies have indicated that this applies to 75% of all men. But this does not mean that your sex life is over, even if you are 70 plus. ED can be caused by serious health problems, or something minor like certain medications, or a hormonal imbalance. A doctor will be able to help.
  • After menopause women have lower levels of estrogen.
    This is correct, but progesterone levels, which is another important sex hormone, also reduces. Together, the lower levels of these two hormones, may seriously affect a woman’s sexual desire.
  • The top sexual complaint from post-menopausal women is linked to reduced sexual sensation.
    While this is a legitimate complaint, the top complaint is a lack of sexual desire – medically known as low libido. This issue, in addition to hormonal imbalances, is often compounded by vaginal dryness due to lower levels of vaginal lubrication, and painful intercourse.
  • Treatment for sexual problems may improve your sex life.
    Many older folk who had treatment such as medication, hormone treatment, as well as other treatments for sexual issues, reported that they were satisfied with the results. Surveys announced that about two thirds of people said treatments helped them to enjoy sex more and feel more satisfied. This included more than 50% of couples who underwent treatment.

The key to overcoming many of these sexual hassles is to realise that getting older is not always the reason for a sexual problem. Many issues can be reversed or successfully treated, giving you a new lease on your sex life. Make it your business to find out what may be wrong.

Frequent sex has some good health benefits

Research has indicated that sex is a healthy form of exercise, especially for the older people whose knees and hips can no longer cope with vigorous walking or gym work. Studies have suggested that sexual encounters can burn fat, boost metabolism, improve heart health, and strengthen bones, muscles and the immune system.

Good sex can help you live a longer and healthier life.

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June 10, 2019

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