Guys – are your personal habits up to standard?

Are you paying enough attention to your physical appearance?

Women do not like sloppy men. Rugged – yes! But untidy and perhaps a bit smelly is not sexy nor attractive. If you want to attract the attention of the ladies, you may need to spruce yourself up a little.

Here are some easy ways you can use to make yourself look better:

  • Bad breath is a major passion killer. A good way to tell if your breath is offensive is to lick the back of your hand, wait a few seconds and then sniff. Bad breath can be caused by many things such as smoking, eating highly spiced foods, and mostly be as a result of poor dental habits.
  • Facial hair is often a neglected area. If you sport a moustache or a beard, keep it neatly trimmed so that it doesn’t look like an untended garden with tendrils everywhere. Some women might be turned off by all that hair.
  • Hands and nails need a lot of care – they get noticed every day. You may have a job where your hands and nails get oily and dirty, and need extra cleaning and care. If your hands are rough and dry, use a bit of unscented hand cream to soften them, and trim your nails regularly. Rough hands and ragged fingernails are not sexy or manly.
  • If your hair has started to thin out, don’t try to hide it by growing your hair longer, or trying to style it over the bald patch. Face up to it, and keep to your usual style. It will look natural and be a part of your persona.
  • Make sure that you always smell fresh and clean. Body odour is one of the biggest turn-offs there is. Make sure that you use a long-lasting, good deodorant so that should you snuggle up to someone, there will not be even a hint of body odour. If you like to use face cream and aftershave, keep to mild aromas which are not overpowering.
  • Don’t rush your shaving. If you are impatient and just dive in and start scraping, the chances are there will be a few nicks and cuts. These may bleed at inopportune moments just when you are super-keen to look your best.
  • Foot care is very important. Change socks on a regular basis, and cut toenails often so that your partner is not scratched by a too-long nail during the night. She will not be impressed. If you often wear sports shoes, putting them out in the sun to dry is a good idea. Otherwise a musty, dank smell will rise up from your feet and permeate your surroundings.
  • Use a sunscreen on your face when you go out in the sun for extended periods. While you are young, a tanned face can look very manly, but as you age sun-damaged skin will just make you look old and wrinkly.

These are just some of the simple things you can add to your hygienic routine that can give you confidence in all circumstances, especially in those close encounters with the opposite sex.

Self-esteem issues

Having good self-esteem is a very necessary part of your life and interaction with other people. When you are feeling low, everything seems to be wrong – including your appearance. Paying attention to your persona and sprucing up your looks will help to boost your confidence, as well as restore self-esteem.

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June 15, 2019

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