Can Cycling Affect Your Love Life?

Riding a bike may affect your love life

Cycling is one most popular forms of exercise in the world. Some people cycle for fun, others are more serious riders who go in for competitions – spending hours on a bike, and for many thousands globally, it is their only means of transport.

Studies have shown that riding a bike may hamper your ability to achieve an erection, and certainly make you unfit for intercourse.

How cycling can affect erections

For a man to have a proper erection, nerve impulses in the brain send arousal messages to the penis, which allow blood vessels to relax, increasing blood flow into the penis. A good supply of blood is necessary for an erection.

  • Sitting on bike saddle for long periods puts pressure on the perineum, an area which runs between the anus and the penis. The perineum is filled with blood vessels and nerves which supply oxygen-rich blood and sensations to the penis. Too much pressure on the perineum seriously limits the blood flow and the sensations, leading to a measure of erectile dysfunction.
  • Researchers also discovered that some make cyclists may develop damage to the pudendal nerve, the main nerve in the perineum and the pudendal artery, which is the main supplier of blood to the penis.
  • Symptoms include pain when sitting, pelvic pain, and numbness or pins and needles in the genital area. Cyclists with any of these symptoms must stop riding the bike and visit a doctor for treatment, or serious erection hassles may set in.

Although very seldom permanent, erectile dysfunction caused by cycling can last for weeks or even months, while nerve and perineum damage heal. Stop cycling until there are no more symptoms.

How you can reduce your risk bike-related ED

Here are some modifications you can make:

  • Experts believe that erection problems begin when the blood vessels and nerves get caught between the narrow bicycle seat and the rider’s pubic bones. Consider swapping the narrow bike seat for something wider with extra padding to better support the perineum.
  • Well-padded bike shorts will also provide an extra layer of support and protection.
  • If possible, try lowering the handlebars. Leaning forward may lift your backside and relieve some pressure from the perineum area.
  • If you have any symptoms no matter how mild, cutting back on training hours will help to keep things under control.
  • Take regular breaks during long rides. Get off the bike and walk around for a minute or two.

The link between biking and erection problems isn’t new. In fact, way back in time physicians of the day realised that men who frequently rode horses suffered from a problem which was construed as being unfit for intercourse! The consensus of opinion was that all the bouncing and jarring in the saddle caused harm to the manly parts.

It might not be the bike

Even if you are a cycling enthusiast, and experience problems with achieving an erection – the bike may not be to blame.

There are many issues which can contribute to erectile dysfunction, which is why it is always better to consult a doctor, in case there is an underlying medical condition. When you know what the problem is, you can take action to successfully restore your love life.

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    February 05, 2019

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