Sugar substitutes are not always safe

Low-calorie foods and drinks, like diet soda, often use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. There are various brands on the market, but one of the favorites appears to be aspartame and is widely used as a sugar substitute. However, studies have revealed aspartame may do significant damage to the male reproductive system.

Research has also shown that it affects the amount of sperm manufactured, testicular tissue health, and especially testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone which plays an essential role in male health, and there are some opinions which imply that it is, what makes a man a man. If your testosterone levels drop, the efficient functioning of many of your organs may also drop.

Your general diet is also important

What you eat and drink can keep T levels healthy, or cause them to drop. So-called sugar-free foods and drinks are often made more palatable by the use of artificial sweeteners. The most popular sweetener used is aspartame, which has the side effect of causing oxidative stress, which prevents the liver from detoxing harmful items properly. This interferes with the Leydig cells, the chief producer of testosterone, leading to much lower production of testosterone.

Studies by neuroscientists have shown some results of low Leydig production of testosterone can include:

• Headaches, migraines
• Insomnia
• Anxiety and depression
• Fertility problems
• Irritable moods
• No interest, or very little, interest in sex

These are just a few of the negative aspects of aspartame damage on the Leydig cells, and the male reproduction system. 

The role of testosterone includes:

• A healthy sperm count
• Proper growth of bone and muscle development
• Regulates growth of penis and testes
• Keeps libido on track
• Provides physical strength when needed

A healthy diet with foods which do not contain artificial sweeteners will help to boost testosterone levels.

Here are some natural foods to consider:

• Oysters and other shellfish
• Lean red meat and skinless chicken
• Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel
• Vitamin D from the sunlight, or vitamin D supplements
• Leafy green veggies, especially onions
• Fruit for vitamin C – especially citrus

Remember to avoid as much as possible foods which contain artificial sweeteners, especially those containing aspartame. These include pre-packaged foods, diet sodas, diet ice cream, and many other fast foods and takeaways.

Another product which may be harming your manhood

Alcohol is widely consumed across the globe, everyone knows the damage it can do to the body. However, pure alcohol alone does not contain aspartame, but the mixers do.

These include Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Snapple, Fanta Zero, Sprite Zero, and many others. So, if your favorite tipple is rum and Diet Coke, or maybe brandy and Sprite Zero, you are also pumping aspartame into your body. You may want to keep your weight down with so-called sugar-free drinks and foods, but could be risking your sexual health with aspartame.

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