Exercise plays a leading role in fertility

Regular exercise is important for fertility, but it must be consistent and of a moderate nature. Studies have shown that vigorous exercise can play havoc with hormonal balance, can alter the menstrual cycle, and throw ovulation out of kilter.

Studies have shown that regular exercise has been known to promote fertility by:

  • Strengthening muscles to help support a growing foetus.
  • Increasing circulation for a healthy heart.
  • Helping to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Keeping sometimes troubling digestive issues in check.
  • Promoting elimination of toxins from the body.

Due to many issues, fertility has become more and more problematic worldwide. These issues include environmental, dietary, hormonal and lack of exercise. Studies have also shown regular, but moderate exercise, exercise, is essential to keep the blood flowing well. However, recent research has indicated that that exercise which is too vigorous can cause more harm than good.

Over-exercising can prevent conception

Extreme workouts may actually prevent you from conceiving. Strenuous training for sports such as marathon running, sprinting, modern dancing or ballet, constantly put the body under stress. Decreased fertility is often seen in women who are runners, gymnasts, and others who constantly push their bodies to the limits. This in turn is known to affect ovulation, and without ovulation, there can be no conception.

Best exercises for fertility

Always do what feels comfortable, move enough to up your heart rate, but make sure not to exhaust your body as this could be a stumbling block to conception.

Here are some recommended exercises for fertility:

  • Brisk walking or light jogging is good for the cardiovascular system, increases the oxygen to the lungs, and the blood flow to the heart, which also increases the blood flow to the reproductive organs, such as the vagina and ovaries.
  • Yoga and Pilates are moderate forms of exercise that promote healthy blood flow and help to strengthen core muscles. Core muscles are the pelvic and abdominal muscles that need to be strong for childbearing and childbirth
  • Research has indicated that natural movement such as stretching helps to keep the body flexible while reducing the risk of any pelvic issues such as strained ligaments or painful muscles.

When you follow a healthy diet, combined with good lifestyle habits, you will actually prepare your body for pregnancy, and boost your fertility. The good news is that most athletes who have trained hard over the years, do not have any real problems falling pregnant. Lowering the level of physical intensity, but staying with moderate, regular exercise, has resulted in many healthy pregnancies.

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