Can a penis really fracture?

Studies have shown that, yes, a penis can break, or fracture. However, a penis is not a bone, so it cannot break as a wrist or an arm, might fracture. But there is a break that can take place in an erect penis, which will cause extreme pain, like that of a broken leg – for example. A penile fracture is an emergency situation.

You need to get medical help without any delay. If you suspect that you have a penile fracture, it is not a good idea that it be left to heal on its own. Firstly, it may heal bent over or crooked, and erectile dysfunction, or a painful erection, is also possible. You might have trouble urinating, which could lead to a bladder infection and other complications.

Some symptoms of a penile fracture

Note that a fracture can only happen to an erect penis:

  • A cracking sound when it happens.
  • Extreme pain which may or may not last for a while.
  • Immediate loss of an erection.
  • Severe and fast bruising from blood build-up under the skin.
  • Blood in the urine or at the tip of the penis.

The fracture can be caused by blunt force on an erect penis, rolling over onto your erection, bumping your erection against a wall, or a closed door, in a dark room. To prevent a fracture, you can take care not to let a vigorous sexual encounter get out of hand, and cut down risky sexual positions.

The major roles of the penis

The main roles of the penis are to carry urine out of the body via the urethra, and deposit sperm into the vagina of a female. There are 3 tubes in the penis, one is the urethra, and two other tubes which are soft and spongy which, when filled with blood, to make the penis hard and support the erection. The two spongy tubes are covered with a fibrous protective layer known as tunica albuginea, which acts like a jacket for the fragile blood-filled tubes. If the tunica albuginea is torn open because of force to the erect penis, the protection layer is lost, the erection is gone, and the penis is considered broken.

If this happens, seek medical attention as soon as possible, to prevent complications.

Diagnosis and treatment of a penile fracture

The doctor may diagnose a penile fracture from a physical examination. If he suspects that the urethra could also have been injured, he might order an ultrasound test, as well as a retrograde urethrogram to examine the urethra for impairment.

Treatment for a penile fracture most often involves surgery. The surgeon will repair the tunica albuginea with stitches, and if there is a tear in the urethra, it will also be repaired. You will probably spend a couple of days in the hospital, to make sure that the wound begins to heal properly. A few follow up visits to the doctor will be needed to check for any infection, and that you are able to pass urine without any difficulty. You will be advised to suspend sexual relations until the wound has completely healed.

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