What you eat can impact on your sex life

20th May 2020| by Colin Katz
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It all depends on what you eat

You may be one of the many people in the world who have committed themselves to a life of healthy eating, fitness, and keeping the weight off. You could also be one of the people who are slightly obsessed with that type of lifestyle and tend to follow one or another fad diet if you feel the weight is starting to build up a bit.

Of course, many overweight folks who do not get regular exercise and have a low fitness level, often have issues with libido. The weight problem often galvanises them to opt for one or another fad diet which promises a magical quick weight-loss, and a whole new slim and trim body image.

But unfortunately, most embarking on this course are setting themselves up for disappointment, potentially at the expense of their health, including their sexual health.

About fad diets

A fad diet is a stylish weight-loss plan that comes up now and again, often promoted by the rich and famous, and also so-called weight-loss experts. In spite of promising dramatic results, what may be the latest craze is usually not healthy, and never leads to any long-term results. There is no magic and no illusion which can transform you almost overnight into a sexy bathing beauty, or a hunk with the muscles in all the right places.

Here are some of the more common fad diets which are mostly nutritionally unbalanced:

  • The cabbage soup diet which is all you are allowed to eat.
  • A huge variety of low-carb, high-fat and protein only diets.
  • A severe calorie-restrictive diet with a cheat day once or twice a week.

There are many others not mentioned here such as the Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet, and the Hallelujah Diet, among many others. All of these diets are dismal flops, and do more harm than good, especially where sex is concerned.

The bodily effects of these diets

A diet which cuts out normal nutrition in favour of one particular food item must be treated with suspicion, in spite of wild, grandstand promises of a new you. A fad diet deprives you of the vitamins, nutrients, and healthy fats needed for health and well-being.

Sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen need a certain amount of fat in the production process. If this is not forthcoming, the levels of the sex hormones may drop – with your libido.

Stress is another important factor when it comes to low libido and a reduction in sexual desire. If you are constantly stressing about your weight, how much you are eating, and always increasing your exercise levels, your stress levels will go sky-high. Studies have shown that some women, as a direct result of stress and dieting, have sometimes not ovulated for up to a year.

Studies have also shown that this directly affects the production of testosterone and estrogen, and leads to an almost complete absence of sexual desire – as well as a chronic lack of energy and feelings of well-being.

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