Erections – If you don’t use it, will you lose it?

What does the research say?

In 2008, European scientists published results of a study (the only one of its kind) claiming that infrequent sex can lead to erectile dysfunction. It was quite an intensive study which tracked men of various ages for a period of 5 years before they came up with the results.

The results seemed to indicate that regular sexual activity kept a man potent in much the same way that regular exercise would keep a man fit. Many urologists tended to disagree and posed the question whether a long period without sexual activity, would actually cause erectile dysfunction, or ED, as it is also known.

There was consensus, though, that regular sex (even in the form of masturbation) does protect nerve fibres and blood vessels in the penile chambers, necessary for erections.

More studies

Results from studies conducted by other urologists have indicated that although infrequent sex is related to ED, there is no evidence that it actually causes ED. There is also no clear evidence that frequent sex can help to prevent ED, which may have been caused by various medical conditions.

A spokesman for the American Urological Association stated that infrequent sex, or lack of desire, might be as a consequence of an existing ED problem – and not the cause.

The concept that men who are not getting very frequent sex, need to go all-out and look for sex to prevent ED, is absolute nonsense and not endorsed by any sexual clinic.

What these studies might mean for you

Some of the studies by different research groups actually agreed on certain outcomes. For example, The American Journal of Medicine has suggested that men between the ages of 55 and 75 may be able to reduce the risk of ED as they age, by having sex at least once a week. Most of the studies seemed to agree with this suggestion.

However, it is not the sex which does the trick. The penis is a muscle, and like any other muscle, needs to be exercised to stay in good nick. It would appear that erections, with or without sex, is really the key to helping prevent ED.

Most men, with some exceptions, have several spontaneous erections while sleeping. So even if you are a guy who has very few sexual encounters, all is not lost! You have a sort of built-in protection that helps to preserve your sexual function, just by having erections while you sleep at night.

Underlying medical reasons

Weak erections are not necessarily a lack of sex. There may be many other reasons you could be struggling with ED, no matter what your age. A warning sign could be that you are no longer having spontaneous erections at night. If you are battling to keep an erection for no more than 20% of the time during a sexual encounter, it is time to visit the doctor for advice and a thorough examination.

You don’t have to live permanently with ED. Most of the issues can usually be successfully resolved. Urologists say that satisfactory sex is good for your health in general, and you are unlikely to lose it if you keep on using it!

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    May 15, 2020

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