Most men will suffer some degree of erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. Fortunately for the majority of them, it will probably be a short-lived experience, while for others, ED could be a more serious situation that can have a negative impact on their sex lives. Although ED is a very treatable condition, many men are reluctant to discuss it with a doctor, or a partner.

Listed here are the top 8 factors which can pour cold water on your passion in the bedroom. In each case, there are actions you can take to help improve sexual function.

  1. Everyone knows about erogenous zones like the mouth, lips, the penis, the back of the neck, and so on. However, many people do not realise that the brain is also an erogenous zone, and sexual excitement begins in the head and works its way down. When depression takes hold and the mind is gloomy, the sex drive suffers. In addition, anti-depressant meds can also lower sexual desire. Talk to your doctor about reducing the dosage, or changing the meds to something without the ED side effects.
  2. A couple of drinks might help to get you in the mood, but too many might interfere with erections, and could make it difficult for you to finish the act.
  3. Some common medications in your medicine chest can also cause ED, these include certain over-the-counter painkillers, and some blood pressure drugs. Again, check with the doc to see if some meds can be changed.
  4. We live in an age of anxiety, often overwhelmed by responsibilities at work and at home. Stress takes its toll on many parts of the body, and the penis is no exception. Making a few lifestyle changes like following a healthy diet, getting some regular exercise, and finding time to relax, will help to relieve stress and improve sexual function.
  5. Believe it or not, unexpressed anger, or sudden fits of rage, can contribute to impaired sexual performance. When you are frustrated and full of rage, it is not a good idea to have sex. In addition to your partner being possibly turned off, the blood which needs to go to the penis, may have been diverted to a flushed, blood- filled face! If you are planning to have sex, get a grip on angry feelings and stay calm.
  6. Overweight or obesity. Testosterone plays an important part in sexual desire and in getting and maintaining an erection. Studies have shown that obese men have lower levels of testosterone which contributes to ED problems. Losing weight is the key to a satisfactory sex life.
  7. Self-esteem. Sometimes when you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, it can be a frightening experience. Even after you have spruced up, you may still be confronted with belly fat, which could be something of a passion killer for your partner. If you feel that you do not look good, it can lead to a poor self-image and erode your confidence, causing a measure of performance anxiety in the bedroom. Losing weight, taking care of your looks, and getting exercise, will help get your confidence and self-esteem back on track.
  8. Low libido. Low libido is not the same as ED, but many of the same factors apply. Generally speaking, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, and certain meds, can all over-shadow you interest in sex. Paying attention to any of the issues which may apply to you, can help restore your sexuality.

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