The mystery of the faked orgasm

Faking it is not a matter to be taken lightly. Research has suggested that up to 80% of women fake orgasms at one time or another.

The experience of faking an orgasm during sex by some women, and sometimes men, is not exactly new. Some people do it for simple reasons like just being too tired to focus, or perhaps have had too much to drink, and don’t want to hurt their partners feelings.

Studies have shown that many women fake it after agreeing to sex that they did not want in the first place. This illustrated the big gap that can exist between consent and desire, and the woeful lack of communication about it between partners. Although it is something lots of women do – most will not admit it to their partners.

Faking it can lead to tensions in some relationships, and it is the silent reality in many unhappy bedrooms across the world.

The main factors which influence women to fake orgasms

According to the studies, the majority of reasons why women fake it are actually of psychological origin. There may also be physical or medical reasons, but these are largely in the minority.

Here are some of reasons why women are prone to faking it:

  • Instead of concentrating on their own feelings, out of concern for a partner’s feelings, and a belief that the male ego needs to be boosted during sex, faking an orgasm with all the bells and whistles that go with it, may take place.
  • Sometimes, especially if the male has finished, an orgasm is faked just to end the sexual encounter.
  • If she believes her partner has unrealistic expectations of her during sex, a woman may fake it to keep him happy, and protect the relationship.
  • She could fake it to end a sexual encounter which she did not want in the first place.
  • Over the years, women may have been conditioned to place more value on the man’s pleasure than their own. They have the idea that faking it will prevent their partners from feeling inadequate, if they do not have an orgasm.
  • Sometimes unexplained low libido and a lack of sexual desire are physical reasons which can influence a woman to fake it, rather than confronting the problem.
  • Another physical reason for faking it and getting the act over as quickly as possible is pain during intercourse, which is not readily conveyed to a male partner.

Faking an orgasm is not a sign of a lack of emotional commitment in a relationship. On the contrary, in some cases it could be construed as having a real concern for a partner’s feelings, which can keep a relationship on an even keel.

What you should do if you are having trouble in your sex life

Almost everyone struggles at some point with understanding the needs and behaviour of a partner in the bedroom. Mostly, if there is actually no sexual dysfunction, they usually have trouble communicating with each other about pleasure.

If this hurdle can be overcome, and the gap between consent and desire, can be bridged and understood, there may be far less need for women to fake it.

Good communication is the key to promoting lasting emotional and sexual fulfilment between couples, especially those who have been in loving, long-term relationships.

Faking it detracts from sexual encounters which you could be enjoying. In addition, the albeit unselfish deceit practised to spare someone’s feelings, could potentially result in psychological feelings of guilt.

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September 04, 2017

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