Excess salt is bad for your health

Studies have shown that over time too much salt could lead to several chronic health conditions, including high blood pressure. Increased salt intake also puts you at a high risk of falling prey to type 2 diabetes.

Some reports use both the word “salt” and “sodium”. However, they are not the same. Salt is mined, and then refined, and a chemical known as sodium – is added to the process. The end product is 40% salt, and 60% sodium. It is actually the sodium part which is harmful to the health. In effect, this means that although technically different, if your salt intake is excessive – then so is your sodium intake.

Making free with the salt cellar may affect your performance between the sheets.

How excess salt intake can affect the sexuality of men.

  • High blood pressure as a result of high salt intake, leads to clogged arteries which affects all parts of the body. Blood flow to the genital area, including the penis, is hampered. Poor blood flow to those areas is a main factor in erectile dysfunction.
  • Fertility is compromised if you develop high blood pressure, as the poor flood flow also affects the testes, where testosterone is produced. The production may be reduced and affect fertility.
  • Sodium also plays a role in high cholesterol, which may lead to heart disease if the plaque forms in already clogged arteries. Heart disease can potentially put a damper on your sexual relations, and also affect your performance.

The key to helping protect your sexuality is to cut back on salt before any problems arise.

Excess salt also affects the sexuality of women.

  • Research says that a high sodium diet can result in a decreased blood flow to the vaginal area, which may manifest in problems getting aroused.
  • Other issues which may arise include vaginal dryness which can make sex uncomfortable.
  • High blood pressure can develop, causing fatigue and lethargy, leaving you with little desire for sex.
  • A woman who is about 20kg overweight, has a high risk of developing hypertension, with all its chronic illness issues, including a drastic drop in libido.
  • Heart disease can also result in fears that sex could be bad for you, driving your sexual desire even further into the ground.

You do not have to wait before you take action to prevent these issues from occurring.

How you can help yourself stay fit and healthy

  • Always keep an eye on the amount of salt you take in, especially when you add salt to your food.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle, such as a diet low in sodium, saturated fats, cholesterol, and alcohol.
  • Give up smoking, or try to smoke less.
  • Lose weight if you need to.
  • Get regular exercise.

Cut out take-away fast foods, rolls, bread etc. Sodium is added to all fast foods, and processed meats etc, and you cannot be sure just how much or in what form the salt was added. These simple changes can go a long way towards embracing a healthy lifestyle and keeping your sex life on track.

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October 13, 2021

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