Low sperm count

Some couples struggling to fall pregnant may be in for a difficult time because of fertility issues. If the struggle goes on for more than a year without success, the doctor may decide to send both partners for fertility tests. There can be many reasons why pregnancy does not happen, such as ovulation issues in women, and sperm count issues in men.

Studies have shown that the most common fertility problem in men is a sperm count too low to fertilise the female egg. This sometimes comes as a shock to some macho guys, but fortunately it is a problem which can be remedied. Tests will indicate if this is the root cause of being unable to fall pregnant.

What is a low sperm count?

When the sperm count, which is the concentration of sperm per millilitre of semen, is abnormally low, there is a reduced chance of the female egg being fertilised. This is considered to be a degree of infertility. If test results show that either the quality or quantity of the sperm is poor, it will impact negatively on its ability to penetrate the egg for fertilisation. 

How can a low sperm count be treated?

Medical science cannot give you a magic pill that will increase your sperm count. Lifestyle changes may be necessary to eliminate anything which may be standing in the way of you becoming a father. Research has shown that natural supplements such as ginseng, vitamin C, zinc and lycopene, have been beneficial to men with low sperm problems. Healthy eating and some positive lifestyle changes can also improve the sperm quality, as well as increase your sperm count.  

Some food suggestions:

  • Bananas
  • Leafy green vegies, especially spinach
  • Dark chocolate
  • Zinc rich foods like lean cuts of red meat and skinless chicken

These foods are recommended by medical experts to help restore a healthy sperm count.

Lifestyle changes you can make which will also help

  • Quit smoking or cut down drastically.
  • Use alcohol moderately, as excessive use can make you even less fertile.
  • Develop a healthy, balanced, nutritional diet.
  • Embarking on a regular exercise program will help you to lose extra weight you may be carrying. Obesity has a definite negative impact on fertility.
  • Make a plan to lower stress and anxiety as much as possible.

Changing your lifestyle and getting rid of bad habits might not be easy, but a successful outcome and will make it all worth it. This is a good move to improve sperm health.

Infertility is a global issue

Male infertility is more prevalent than people realise. Research has estimated that up to 40% of men worldwide have one or another fertility issue. The most common is a low sperm count, or poor-quality sperm with very little motility, which prevents the female egg from being reached, and accordingly fertilised. There are ongoing studies of ways to improve this dilemma, but experts agree that healthy eating and a healthy diet will be very beneficial for sperm health.

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