Key differences between love and lust

When you are attracted to someone and almost immediately feel a strong connection, it is wonderful and exciting all at the same time. However, sometimes you cannot be sure whether your emotions are based on love, or lust.

No matter how strong your feelings might be, love and lust do not always overlap. It is important to know the difference, especially if you have to make an important decision in your life. Lust is often based on external factors, such as someone’s appearance, looks, or physique, and your attention will focus on the external qualities. This attraction may fade with time, and in many cases, although very amicable, can be short-lived and fleeting. Love, on the other hand, is a much deeper emotion, and much more complex than just lust. It is based on a connection between two people which includes trust, respect and mutual feelings. Of course, a measure of lust may come into it, but experts maintain it is more on the lines of sexual desire, than pure unadulterated lust, where no real feelings are involved.

The consensus is therefore that lust is relatively short-lived and focused on the moment, whereas love is a long-term emotion which evolves into a deeper and deeper connection with someone, as time goes by.

Is it possible to experience to experience both lust and love simultaneously? 

Studies have shown that this is possible. Although you may be aware of feeling both emotional love and physical desire at the same time, it is important to know which is uppermost in your mind. If your feelings include some complex emotions such as a connection which is on a deeper level that than just desire, then the chances are that you are in love.

Another way to determine whether or not you are in love, is the degree of selflessness in your relationship. If you are mainly focused on your own needs and desires, then it may be likely that you are experiencing more lust than love. Bear in mind that lust is not always about sex, it is also about getting your own way in everything you do. Lust and selfishness go hand in hand.

Can lust ruin a relationship?

Lust and selfishness are major factors that contribute to a breakdown of a relationship. It is important to note that a purely physical relationship, even if it is only one-sided, has very little chance of lasting. If there are no emotional ties, you are open to anyone or anything that comes along which may bother you. When there are difficulties, a purely physical relationship will make it easier to just step away.

A deeper emotional connection

When you and your partner have a deep emotional connection with each other, this should include a mutual sexual desire for each other. Should difficulties arise, for whatever reason, if there is a true and lasting connection between you, you will have the basis to work together and iron out any problems.

Research has shown that attraction, be it love or lust, is a complex path to pilot successfully. That is why it is so important to know the difference, before you make any major decisions, which could affect the rest of your life!

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August 14, 2023
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