Men also need estrogen

Although estrogen is essentially a female hormone, men manufacture a certain amount of the hormone, which have certain important health benefits. Estrogen in men is needed for the regulation of testosterone, several brain functions, cholesterol control, and sexual function – libido in particular.

If your hormones are not out of kilter, testosterone and estrogen are usually maintained in the correct balance, keeping everything normal in your life, especially your libido and sexuality. When the hormones go off at a tangent, and estrogen levels increase, testosterone levels tend to decrease, setting off a difficult cycle.

Unfortunately, signs of high estrogen in men, are very similar to those of low testosterone, and if there is any doubt, the best way to be certain, is to have a hormone blood test.

Symptoms of high estrogen in men

Here is what high estrogen can do in men:

  • Decreased erectile function, combined with low libido.
  • Enlarged breast tissue that is very noticeable, and often referred to as ‘man boobs.’
  • Possible benign enlarged prostate gland which may lead to urinary tract hassles.
  • More abdominal fat.
  • Fatigue and depression.
  • A higher risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Raised risk of cardiovascular problems.

It is obvious that high estrogen is not solely a risk for decreased sexual function.

What causes high estrogen symptoms in men?

Some of the factors include:

  • Estrogen is manufactured in fat tissue, and the fatter you are, especially round the middle, the more estrogen is made and pumped into your system.
  • Advancing age is associated with an increase in aromatase, an enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen. An abundance of this enzyme can potentially be a result of higher than normal estrogen in older men.
  • Certain foodstuff, like meat, chicken, and dairy, have been genetically modified with hormones which include estrogen, put a load on the body to process these additional chemical products.
  • Plastic goods contain xeno-estrogens (false chemical estrogens) added during the manufacturing process, which are absorbed by the body. It is almost impossible to avoid all the products which contain xeno-estrogens, but try to use a lunchbox which is not plastic, and never store food in plastic containers. Cutting down on plastic use will cut down some of the estrogen going into the system.
  • A lack of regular exercise and a poor diet can also add to hormonal imbalances.

What you can do about it naturally

  • Eat organic produce, as farmer’s often spray crops with a substance which is known to raise estrogen levels.
  • Don’t eat anything containing soy products. Research has shown that soy can dramatically increase estrogen levels in both men and women.
  • Meat is okay to eat as it helps with testosterone levels, but eat less if it has been genetically modified with hormones. Purchase meat derived from animals which have been grass-fed.
  • The bad news is that beer has the potential to raise estrogen levels. For evidence of this just look at any beer-lover’s fat belly, which is caused by yes – high estrogen.

A glass of red wine, will have the opposite effect, and may even get rid of some of the belly fat.

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