Does sex take a nosedive as you grow older?

A recent survey conducted among men and women over the age of 50, do not all agree that it does. In fact many say that sex has actually got better as they have aged.

The survey also indicated that the sex lives of the older people have benefited from more experience and sexual confidence, as well as long-term relationships which have matured to a higher level of love and intimacy.

As you grow older, it is normal to want less sex. This is true for men and women, and some of the causes may be due to hormonal changes, relationship conflicts, or medical issues.

But if you generally want less sex, and there are no issues of any kind, it is only a problem if it bothers you or your partner.

Some age-related changes in sexuality as you age

Yes, sexual activity does decline as you as you age, but research has shown that many seniors stay sexually active for a long time, often well into their seventies.

It is inevitable that there will be some physical changes which may compromise your sexuality, but unless there is a serious medical reason, it is relatively easy to adapt to most of the changes which might occur.

Here are some adjustments you may have to make to help your sexuality age well.

  • Be patient. As you get older your sexual response time could take a bit longer. Lubricants and hormone creams could help, or couples can decide to make some changes to their sexual behaviour, for example focussing on more foreplay.
  • Don’t just assume erectile dysfunction is due to age, especially if you are over 60. There is no sell-by-date for sexual ability. Rather check your chronic meds, such as blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, and some pain killers.
  • If you have ED and are taking meds, as your doctor what can be done to restore your libido.
  • Get your hormones tested as estrogen and testosterone definitely decrease with age, contributing to your slower sexual responses.
  • Get the idea out of your mind that you could have a heart attack while having sex if you are middle aged or older. Actually, studies have shown that if your health is good, sex in later life can actually lessen your risk of a heart attack. But if you have a history of heart problems, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor.
  • Research has also indicated that many older folk reported that treatments for sexual problems has improved their sex lives. There are many natural treatments available to spice up your sexuality.
  • Don’t be embarrassed by your sexuality. TV and movies always portray sex as the domain of the young and beautiful, and an older man who may express his sexuality, is often characterised as “a dirty old man!” Ignore, it is just a myth of no importance.

The reality of sex in your older age

People are living longer, staying healthier and vigorous, for much longer than before. It is healthy for older adults to stay to stay sexually active, and to seek help if they need it.

Although a 19 year old might disagree with you, it is not undignified to have sex when you are older. In fact, the quality of the experience is probably better than that of a 19 year old!

Taking care of your overall health can definitely help you maintain an active as you get older.

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