Real reasons why women may lose interest in men

5th Sep 2020| by Colin Katz
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The modern world can be cruel and many times life takes some unexpected twists and turns. This uncertainty can cause even the most loving of couples break up. A so-called real man may suddenly come into a woman’s life which causes dissatisfaction with the man she is in a relationship with.

She breaks up with who might be a perfectly good guy and opts for what seems to be a new and more interesting future.

This does not mean that most women are fickle and drift from relationship to relationship, but there are some good reasons why a woman may lose interest in her man.

Reasons why a woman may lose interest in who she believed to be the man of her dreams

  • She is not very committed to the relationship and when she finds a more interesting man, makes excuses to break up.
  • Some people are very desperate to be in a relationship – this includes men as well. However, women are reported to be more resilient and less dependent on relationships than men. If she feels she has made the wrong choice of a partner, will quickly lose interest and move away.
  • Some relationships get serious too quickly, and after a bright start, the spark fades and dies. Typically, it is the woman who will be the first to cut short the relationship.
  • When a relationship begins with sex because of a strong physical attraction between partners, it can become something of an obsession. The risk here is that after the first flush of passion, such relationships quickly fade for both or at least one of the partners.
  • If a woman notices that a man cares more about pleasing himself than making sure that she also is happy during sex, she will undoubtedly begin to lose interest.
  • Intense possessive jealousy from her partner can highly irritate a woman, and lead to quarrels and disagreements about any little thing. When it happens over and over again, the partnership is damaged by the jealous outbursts, and a woman is likely to leave what has now become an abusive relationship.

It could be that none of these reasons may apply to your relationship. However, it might be that you just met each other at the wrong time – a time that was not right for either of you when you became lovers.

Thinking about the future

When a woman starts dating a man, attraction is usually involved. She starts off liking everything about him – his appearance, his way of talking, and the way he behaves with her. She only sees the good, but after a while, when she gets to know him a little better, may begin to lose interest, and realise that he is not quite the man for her future security. Unfortunately, this is a trend in many a relationship which begins on a high, and slowly loses the spark of excitement.

This can affect both partners, and to ease into a breakup, usually agree with each other, that as they are not really compatible, a parting of ways will be best for both of them.

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September 05, 2020

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