What is early ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is one of the biggest sexual issues for men under the age of forty and because of this there are a wide range of products, techniques and tools to assist with it.

What can help prevent early ejaculation?

Men can use deep breathing to help to control arousal and tension that often results in early ejaculation. Shallow breathing increases the heart beat while deep breathing helps to relax and give the sensation of being in control. It is also a great way to increase the connection between partners if they do deep breathing together.

The stop and start method is also effective. The man can start by masturbating alone and then bring himself close to orgasm and then stop. Then he can do this again until he cannot hold it any longer. This allows him to gauge where his ejaculation point is and once he is more in control of this, he can try it with his partner, where they stop short of intercourse and ejaculation.

Another useful method is the squeeze method in which the base of the penis is squeezed at the point of orgasm by the partner. His erection is then reduced – this method works well after he has tried the stop start method a few times.

Kegel exercises are also great for controlling the muscles in the lower abdomen. It is the muscle that stops the flow of urine and he can practice contracting it daily (three times for ten seconds).

Tantra teaches how to avoid early ejaculation

Then there is tantra in which a greater intimate connection is established and the overall goal is not always to reach orgasm. Once again, when the man reaches the point of orgasm, he can stop by taking a deep breath, feeling his sexual energy inside him and then waiting for the intensity to subside.

All of these methods are not fool proof – they work for some and do not work for others. When used in conjunction with a natural supplement like Virekta Plus, these methods can yield amazing results. Virekta Plus is a 100% safe and natural supplements that is used to treat libido and erectile issues. It does not require a doctor’s prescription and has no negative side effects – the only result men get is the result they are looking for: harder, longer erections. Try it today!

October 27, 2014
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