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The hormonal system is in daily danger of being disrupted for a variety of reasons, sometimes by the food we eat, but mostly by the products we buy.

Recent research has shown that an increasing number of household cleaning products, personal hygiene products, and many everyday plastic items, are loaded with chemicals that interfere with the proper functioning of the hormonal system. These chemicals are known as xeno-estrogens, which are artificially created. They mimic the natural estrogen in the body and are absorbed by estrogen-receptors in the body which cannot tell the difference. This often leads to an excess amount of estrogen in the body.

Studies have shown that men need a small amount of estrogen to balance their hormones, especially that of the main sex hormone, testosterone so that their sexuality is not compromised. Too much estrogen will unbalance the delicate levels of testosterone and estrogen and interfere with testosterone production.

Why are these chemicals used in plastics?

One of the worst chemicals used in the production of plastic products, is that of the synthetic estrogen known as xeno-estrogen. Added to other chemical compounds, it is specifically used to soften certain plastic products, to prevent them from being brittle and breaking easily. These products include plastic water bottles, plastic containers used to pack and store food, plastic glasses for drinks, and even plastic bottles containing sodas etc. This is naming only a few of hundreds of items.

How xeno-estrogens can affect a man’s sexuality

Here are some of the ways a man’s sexuality may be compromised:

  • Low testosterone caused by too much estrogen, can result in poor erections and struggles with low libido.
  • The xeno-estrogens are often compounded with parabens which lower the levels of testosterone. It is believed by some researchers to be a major cause of a global decrease in male fertility, by reducing the quality and production of male sperm.
  • Elevated estrogen is a major cause of testicular shrinkage, as well as an unnatural increase in the size of men’s breasts.

Keep your manhood intact by avoiding as many of these paraben-containing, xeno-estrogen plastic products as you can.

Products which you should avoid

It is extremely difficult to completely avoid these dangerous chemical pollutants, but here are some tips to help you keep large volumes of xeno-estrogens out of your system.

  • Always read the labels of the products you purchase, and if the products contain parabens, do not buy. Most manufacturers list the details of the contents they use.
  • Try not to store food in plastic containers. Use glass and ceramic which pose no health problems.
  • Do not heat any food item in its plastic or polystyrene container.
  • Reduce consumption of food from cans. The inside of most cans is lined with a chemical compound which is a well-known xeno-estrogen.

Unfortunately, the list of hormone-disrupting products grows longer each day and it is impossible to name them all. Read the labels to see if parabens are listed.

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January 15, 2021

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