A few drinks won’t actually help!

Men and women who believe that a few drinks will calm bedroom jitters or performance anxiety before sex are on the wrong track. A couple of drinks may do the trick, but even slightly over the limit may cause more harm than good.

Alcohol does not boost the mood, and too much of it can lead to a lack of sexual desire in both men and women. It may also be difficult for a man to achieve and maintain an erection, and both men and women could have difficulty reaching a climax.

Excessive alcohol may negatively affect your organs, including those involved in sexual activity.

Some ways alcohol can negatively affect your sex life.

How too much alcohol can harm your sexuality:

  • Studies have shown that females may struggle with arousal, while men may suffer temporary erectile dysfunction, as too much alcohol affects the brain responses in general, including those to the penis and female genital areas.
  • Drinking before sex decreases blood flow to the genitals, and you may not experience the same enjoyment from a climax as you usually do.
  • The risk for long-term ED has been linked to excessive use of alcohol. Other issues include premature ejaculation and low libido problems.
  • A woman may also experience reduced lubrication, which could make sex painful.
  • Excessive alcohol use can affect the fertility of both men and women. In men, blood flow to the genitals may be reduced, which may impact the quality of sperm. Women may be prone to developing an irregular menstrual cycle, resulting in fertility issues.
  • When combining sex with alcohol, unplanned sexual encounters often take place, usually in the form of unprotected sex, which puts you at a high risk of picking up a sexually transmitted disease, due to carelessness.

Your sex life may be seriously affected by these sexuality issues, and cause you major distress in your sexual encounters.

Cutting down on alcohol intake

If you are concerned about booze robbing you of a successful and enjoyable sex life, then cutting down on the amount of alcohol you drink, should be the first step to help get the spark back into the bedroom.

Here is some advice to help you reduce intake:

  • When next you plan a romantic night, make sure there is only a glass or two of wine on offer.
  • To keep your sex life a success, experts agree that 12 to 14 drinks for men and women in a 7-day period, is reasonable. This will enable the liver to effectively metabolise the toxins.
  • If possible, keep tabs on your weekly drinks to see how much alcohol you are taking in. You can also, just for good measure, monitor the sexual performance of yourself and your partner.

You may also discover that your health in general and well-being improves tremendously when you take in less alcohol.

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January 20, 2021

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