What is obesity?

Obesity, or significant overweight, is a major health challenge all over the world, mostly in developed countries. Obesity leads to ill health and is a high risk for potential serious health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and some cancers.

Apart from the obvious health risks, studies have shown that due to obesity, there is a major possibility of poor sexual health in both men and women.

Obesity is considered to be around 30% more than your ideal weight, and the extra weight affects men’s and women’s sexual function differently.

Here is a summary of how obesity can affect male sexual health.

Obesity and male sexual health

Research has indicated that obese men have lower than usual testosterone levels, the main male hormone which governs men’s sexuality.

Low testosterone, or low T, caused by obesity, can result in low libido, and contribute to erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is responsible for the production of sperm, so low T can also have a negative effect on a man’s fertility, especially if he is obese.

Hormonal disorders and low T are the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Although there are also medical reasons such as heart problems and high blood pressure which may contribute to erectile dysfunction, obesity raises the risk of all those health issues, making you vulnerable of falling prey to erectile dysfunction.

Studies have also linked belly fat to ED, especially in older men. Study results suggest that a large amount of belly fat can increase the risk of ED by up to 90%.

So if you are experiencing unsatisfactory performances in the bedroom, and are also sadly overweight, obesity may certainly be causing the problem.

How obesity can affect a woman’s sexuality

Obesity presents the same health dangers for women like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, as it does for men. Overweight women, however, often suffer a hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, which results in irregular periods, and ovulation difficulties and fertility hassles, as well as low libido.

If you are trying to fall pregnant and are very overweight, your chances of conceiving will be much lower than if you were more or less of normal weight. The fertility of both males and female is therefore gravely compromised by obesity, devastating hopes for those wanting to fall pregnant.

Body image is also very important to women, and many carrying extra weight, have low self-esteem, as they feel very unattractive. Desire for sex takes a nosedive, and subsequently many, even those in a relationship, try to avoid sex altogether. An obese woman who is embarrassed about her body, may come to believe that there might be no chance of a quality sex life, or even a happy sexual relationship with someone.

The height of disappointment

Obesity does not arrive overnight. It has a subtle way of creeping up on a person, until one day you find that being fat has led to disappointment in the bedroom. To get your sexuality back on track, there are certain things you can do.

The most important thing is to get busy trying to lose weight by changing some lifestyle habits, and getting plenty of exercise. Following a healthy diet and eating less is also essential. A dietician may be able to help.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle may be a challenge, but the end results of looking and feeling better, as well as restoring your sexual enjoyment, will lift you out of the depths of disappointing sexual encounters.

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