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Women also need testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is usually considered to be a vital male hormone. However, not many folk know that testosterone is also a very important hormone necessary for women to maintain a good quality of life. The symptoms of low testosterone in women are frequently just written off as part of aging.

There is much talk about women getting treatment for low estrogen, but treatment for low testosterone is seldom referred to. Unfortunately there is a misconception among women that testosterone may detract from their femininity, and make them more manly. This is not so, and is more along the lines of a myth.

As you grow older, levels of most hormones, in men and women, begin to drop, and this includes estrogen as well as testosterone. While women also need a certain amount of testosterone, low T levels in men is a more serious problem. Men need a strong level of testosterone from puberty onwards, for the proper development and function of sex organs, as well as all other male characteristics such as body hair, muscle building, and healthy bones.

Symptoms of low testosterone in women and men are different in some ways, but in many ways they overlap. Here is a list of the more common symptoms of low T which men and women definitely share.

  • Even if you are sleeping well, but are constantly tired, low testosterone could be the problem.
  • Loss of muscle tone and increased body fat.
  • A lack of interest in sex. Low testosterone can lead to a reduced sex drive, and a general lack of interest in sex.
  • Mood swings and depression. Testosterone plays an important part in balancing the moods in the body. If you are experiencing bouts of depression, or strange mood swings, plus anxiety, there is a possibility that your testosterone is low.
  • Concentration and memory lapses. This is a common symptom shared by men and women. If you find that you are having difficulty concentrating on normal tasks, you may be suffering from low testosterone.
  • Hair loss. This is a common symptom of low testosterone, which not only applies to the head, but also to other areas of the body. Women may notice that they need to shave their legs or under arms less often than normal.

There are other symptoms which apply to men only, such as erectile difficulties, a decrease in the size of genitalia, and an increase in the size of breast tissue.

The entire body depends on hormones to function correctly, and this includes the reproductive system, where the main players are estrogen and testosterone.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a blood test to establish your hormone levels will do the trick. Ask the doctor to make sure that the test includes testing for the important sex hormones.

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February 05, 2020

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