Do you hate talking about your sexual health?

Do you hate talking about your sexual health?
We are shy to discuss sexual problems with doctors or partners.
50% of men with diabetes are having erectile problems.

Diabetes affecting sexual function of men:

High blood-sugar and diabetes are the main culprits behind sexual problems.

Low libido and lack of sexual desire affect people with diabetes.

Here are some problems a man with diabetes may experience:

  • Vascular damage along with insufficient blood to the penis prevents erections.
  • Nerve damage resulting from diabetes, prevents men reaching an orgasm.
  • Hormonal problems like low testosterone.
  • Type 2 diabetes develops low testosterone, which affects sexual desire.
  • Men with diabetes have a major risk of developing Peyronie’s disease. A condition causing a curved and painful erection. This can make sex difficult or maintain an erection.

If you have concerns about the above problems, visit your doctor.


Treatments for diabetic-related sexual dysfunction

There are plenty of natural treatment options. Get diabetes under control and bring your blood sugar levels down. Change your diet, eat less, and exercise, which will restore your libido.

Reducing stress can motivate you to manage your diabetes.

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February 10, 2020

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